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Real Estate - April 29, 2011

Building permits

Menlo Park

1243 Willow Road A, B, C, D; 1247 Willow Road A, B, C, D Menlo Gateway Inc., wall heater, vent kitchen hood, install vent new bath fan, $n/a

755 Hamilton Ave. A-L-N Equipment Corporation, propane tank, $1,000

1350 Willow Road Willow Park Holding Co I LLC, commercial tenant improvement, add three rooms to office area, $12,398

635 Central Ave. E. Fine, storage in attached garage, $2,500

900 Santa Cruz Ave. 900 Santa Cruz Associates LLC, minor commercial alteration to existing bank into administrative offices for Menlo Park Presbyterian Church, $7,500

945 Valparaiso Ave. B. Potvin, replace sewer line, $7,500; replace sewer line, $6,500

3826 Alameda de las Pulgas J. Cortella, re-roof house, $31,149

1207 Sevier Ave. A. Jimenez, replace wall furnace, $1,200

10 Network Circle Sun Microsystems Inc., commercial tenant improvement for Facebook, $5,488,745

307 Constitution Drive Tyco Electronics Corp., beam 16 platform/catwalk in Bldg. E, $50,000

303 Constitution Drive Tyco Electronics Corp., disassemble and remove existing mezzanine, $16,681

950 Middle Ave., 960 Middle Ave. K. Yanes, new two-story, single-family residence with attached garage (front unit), $272,175; rear unit, $272,175; new detached garage for rear unit, $n/a

1782 Stanford Ave. R. Tolles, solar photovoltaic, $0

1340 Willow Road Mid Pen Education Ctr Inc., replace water heater, $7,200

208 Robin Way K. Steadman, replace water service, $3,000

2115 Menalto Ave. N. Napoleon, remodel kitchen, $25,000

1131 Menlo Oaks Drive B. Coffey & M. Khodadoust, remodel 1,169 sq ft due to fire damage, $135,000

300 Claire Place S. Markowitz, new spa on existing pool, $20,000

7 Sunset Court S. Wong, photovoltaic solar system, $0

371 Linfield Drive D. Staas, bathroom remodel, $6,200

626 Central Ave. B. Emery, second-story addition of 403 sq ft to single-family home, $95,000

1765 Bay Laurel Drive J. Dubois, re-roof, $20,000

1415 Bay Laurel Drive R. Lessow, new two-story single-family house with full basement, $1,422,500; demo house and detached garage, $20,000; demo existing pool, $3,000

1225 Mills St. J. Bentley, replace water heater with Takai tankless water heater on exterior of house, $n/a

2316 Olympic Ave. D. Galen, remove leaking porch roof, replace with steel and glass trellis shelter, $50,000

1315 O'Brien Drive Boise Cascade Office Products Corp., re-roof, $345,712

739 Cambridge Ave. M. Jazayeri, new 3,118-sq-ft single-family residence, $623,600

1211 Carlton Ave. M. Baskauskas, add 252 sq ft and remodel 248 sq ft, re-roof, $45,000

1110 Hobart St. C. Von Hungen, remodel kitchen, hall bath, master bath, upgrade to 200 amp electrical service, add lights to family room, $150,000

1125 Hillview Drive S. Kirkman, relocate kitchen to former dining room, remodel kitchen into dining and living room, $100,000

1233, 1235, 1247, 1253, 1255, 1263 Willow Road Menlo Gateway Inc., re-roof, $18,010 each

Palo Alto

3406 Hillview Ave. Palo Alto Research Center, process piping and install etcher, $50,000

515 W. Crescent H. Lenderking, remodel home and new living space, $375,000

855 El Camino Real J. Sheehan, tenant improvement and new roof, $n/a

2825 El Camino Real Jeffrey Morris Group, tenant improvement, $117,000

260 Homer Ave. L. Rugg, new partitions and furniture system, $1,750,000

321 Ramona St. D. Perkins, interior remodel, $147,000

435 Tasso St. K. Mattos, interior tenant improvement to office, $105,000

3169 Stelling Drive K. Hanabusa, remove existing bath tub, $1,500

405 California Ave. M. Dalvand, remove non-bearing walls and new bathrooms, $55,000

3712 Redwood Circle D. Kwak, replace kitchen cabinets and flooring, $18,000

260 Homer Ave. K. Ho, tenant improvement, office space, CITI GVI, $450,000

1119 Middlefield Road K. Chan, demo garage, construct new two-car garage, $50,000

550 Kingsley St. J. & A. Danner, replace concrete paths, steps and part of driveway with brick, expand arbor, expand concrete deck in back, $20,000

3240 Ross Road N. Hsiung & S. Wu, add 332 sq. ft. for bedroom and two bathrooms, $70,000

1501 Page Mill Road HP/Stanford, remodel cafeteria, $2.5 million

3718 Cass Way S. Lee, replace kitchen cabinets, counters; retile master shower and floor; new electrical, $n/a

3817 Carlson S.D. Ramsey, remodel bathrooms, $20,000

4191 Briarwood Way Q. Zhou, remodel kitchen, replace window, $12,000

2011 Columbia Fleming, remodel bathroom, $n/a

154 Bryant St. DGB/Fedoca, temporary power pole, $n/a

1850 Embarcadero Arden Realty, tenant improvement, $145,000

330 California Ave. replace storefront glazing system, $n/a

522 Jackson Drive V. Shemtov, remove windows and create doorway, $2,100

1437 Dana St. S. Hoda, remodel kitchen, bathroom, replace heater and ducting, electrical, plumbing, $35,000

2016 Edgewood Drive Reichert, remodel hall bathroom, master bathroom, $21,500