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News - April 22, 2011

City View

A round-up of Palo Alto government action this week

City Council (April 19)

Simitian: The council had its annual meeting with state Sen. Joe Simitian. The meeting included a status report on the state's high-speed-rail project and the city's request for a law allowing "conservation pricing" for refuse operations. Action: None

Finance Committee (April 19)

Gas: The committee discussed long-term financial projections and revenue requirements of the gas utility. Action: None

Fiber rates: The committee approved a staff recommendation to amend the rate schedule for the fiber-optic service. Yes: Unanimous

Electricity: The committee approved a transfer of $5.2 million from the Calaveras Reserve to the Electric Utility operating budget. Yes: Scharff, Shepherd, Yeh No: Schmid

Policy and Services Committee (April 20)

Stanford Hospital: The committee voted to recommend approving, in concept, the proposed development agreement with Stanford University Medical Center that would allow Stanford to expand its hospital facilities. Yes: Burt, Price No: Holman Abstained: Klein

Architectural Review Board (April 21)

Stanford Hospital: The board voted to approve a new 1.1M-square-foot hospital building with the condition that plans for a kiosk come back to committee for consent. Yes: Lew, Malone Prichard, Wasserman, Young Abstained: Lee

Hewlett Packard: The board voted to approve a new two-story executive briefing center at HP headquarters on 3000 Hanover. Yes: Lew, Wasserman, Young Abstained: Lee, Malone Prichard

145 Hamilton Ave.: The board voted to approve façade improvements to an existing multi-storey building.


167 Hamilton Avenue The board voted to approve façade improvements over the entire building, as well as outdoor seating and other minor improvements associated with a new restaurant on the ground floor, with three specific matters expected back for review. Yes: Unanimous

2585 East Bayshore Road: The board voted to approve a change in use of an existing building from office to daycare, with minor exterior changes including the addition of a fenced play area, replacement of 18 parking stalls, and a new trash enclosure. Yes: Unanimous


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