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Real Estate - April 15, 2011

Building permits


Menlo Park

440 Sherwood Way A. Bagdasarian, replace 45 feet water service from meter to house with copper, $3,865

534 Pope St. F. Hornbacher, upgrade electrical service to200amps, $n/a

515 Pope St. M. Maurier, electrical service upgrade, $3,000

265 San Mateo Drive J. Hopper, relocated 200-amp service, $1,800

800 El Camino Real Menlo Station Development, replace one cellular equipment cabinet on roof top, $15,000

809 Santa Cruz Ave. J. Digiovanni, commercial tenant improvement for Subway, $85,000

414 Laurel Ave. B. & S. Gray, remodel master and hall bath, $34,000

2 Robert S Drive Quinta Properties LLC, new two-story house with basement, $950,000

1003 Hamilton Court Willow Park Holding Co. II LLC, repairs and new column supports for damaged laminated beams, $60,000

645 Hermosa Way L. Perrodin, re-roof, $12,950

1220 Hoover St. B R. & G. Luckenbach, replace water heater and add central heating, circuit breaker and gas line, $5,400

1370 Willow Road, Suite 100 AMB Property LP, demo cabinetry, cap water line, add two power poles and one base feed, $3,000

1234 Crane St. S. Butler, add closet, remodel bathroom, living room, sun room, $66,195

700 Alma St. City of Menlo Park, shade structure over patio at recreation center, $5,000

16 Kent Place Whitley Property management, re-roof, $10,662

1239 Willow Road Menlo Gateway Inc., replace wall heater, install kitchen hood vent, $n/a; re-roof, $10,577

Palo Alto

339 University Ave. S. Giovannotto, new office and private dining, $5,000

3400 El Camino Greystone Properties, wire docking stations for two battery chargers, $3,500

2707 Greer Road K. Lui, living area and porch addition, $111,500

890 Marshall Drive J. Nelson-Gal, kitchen remodel and new gas line, $57,000

1177 Waverley St. J. Brown & A. Hoffman, remodel tub and retile for shower, $5,000

235 El Camino Ave. A. & M. Jelks, remodel kitchen and master bath, $50,000

420 Cambridge Ave. Clarum Corp., garage and five condos, $1,278,000

249 Walter Hays Drive D. Dave, fall in door, $24,969

3000 Hanover St. Hewlett-Packard, upgrade existing stairs and elevators, $1,524,000

901 California Ave. Merck Co., tenant improvement, $150,000

3070 Louis Ave. Chabad, install R.P. and expansion tank, $n/a

531 Cowper St. California Pizza Kitchen, redesign trash enclosure and new canopy cover, $80,000

355 El Verano Ave. B. Sloan, mechanical service upgrade, $n/a

3000 El Camino Real Equity Office Properties, tenant improvement, $172,000

4131 El Camino Real A. Properties, tenant improvement outside, $135,000

3355 Waverley St. D. & S. Bromberg, remodel bathroom and bedroom, $15,000

1520 Walnut Drive L. & S. Andrews, single-story addition and bath upgrade, $74,000

265 Tennyson Ave. W. Zhang, relocate drain for bathrooms and replace window, $1,800

1028 McGregor Way M. & N. Hedblom-Kropl, new sliding door and window, $7,500

420 Addison Ave. R. & M. Kast, remodel kitchen and remove roof, $18, 211

4100 Campana Drive T. Domitro, single-family two-story home, $331, 000; detached garage, $99,000

101 Alma St. J. Orenberg & J. Seck, remove cabinet and tile floor, $11,500

3022 Waverley St. F. Chiu, interior remodeling and deck addition, $136,000

951 Dennis Drive S. Kooriga, replace cabinets and move cook top, $26,000

4013 Ben Lomond Drive S. Petrovic, remodel two bathrooms and new counter tops, $16,000

2928 Clara Drive K. Yap, new front porch and covered patio, $56,578

3412 Ross Road YMCA, replace storage tanks on hot water system, $22,000

4079 Wilkie Way P. Day, replace windows, $6,577

831-833-835 Kipling St. K. Starr, remove deck for dry rot and replace, $2,000

470 Ruthven Ave. F. Vergasov, single-family home, $436,000

3415 Greer Road G. & D. Kuokka, remodel kitchen and plumbing upgrade, $69,000

470 Ruthven Ave. F. Vergasov, new one-car garage, $15,000

2330 Carmel Drive K. Khodi, new one-story residence and garage, $610,000

1501 Page Mill Road Hewlett-Packard, site accessibility upgrades, $350,000

3500 Deer Creek Road Trustees of Stanford, door modifications, $35,000

2566 Webster St. R. & D. Dauler, bathroom remodel, $10,000

1540 Portola Ave. F. Rosenberg, demolition of floor and new story, $384,417

1501 Page Mill Road Hewlett-Packard, install automatic switch and equipment, $300,000

2896 Waverley St. B. Loewy, new swimming pool, $36,000