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News - April 8, 2011

City View

A round-up of Palo Alto government action this week

City Council (April 4)

Hotel President: The council approved a proposal by AT&T to install two Wi-Fi antennas on the sixth-floor balcony of Hotel President at 488 University Ave. Yes: Burt, Espinosa, Klein, Price, Scharff, Schmid, Shepherd, Yeh No: Holman

Election: The council directed staff to return on Aug. 1 with an ordinance calling for a special election in November on the Palo Alto Green Energy and Compost Initiative. Yes: Burt, Espinosa, Holman, Price, Scharff, Schmid, Shepherd, Yeh Absent: Klein

Board of Education (April 5)

Gunn air conditioning: The board approved the award of a $1.75 million contract for installation of air conditioning in existing classrooms at Gunn High School this summer. Yes: Unanimous

Tenure: The board approved "permanent status," as governed by the California Education Code, for 41 teachers who have served two probationary years, passed evaluations and received the recommendation of supervisors. Yes: Unanimous

Budget: The board heard a staff report indicating the district could face reductions in state revenue of up to $14.7 million because of failure to place a tax-extension measure on the June ballot. Action: None

Counseling: The board heard a presentation from high school vice-principals about the services offered by counselors in the district's three middle schools and two high schools. Action: None

Finance Committee (April 5)

Grant funds: The committee approved funding for the Community Development Block Grant and the Human Services Resource Allocation Process. Yes: Unanimous

Refuse: The committee heard a presentation on the preliminary results of a cost-of-service study for the city's Refuse Fund. Action: None

Historic Review Board (April 6)

Hoover Pavilion: The board discussed a proposal by Stanford University Medical Center to perform external renovations to Hoover Pavilion as part of its expansion project. Action: None

Utility Advisory Commission (April 6)

Feed-in tariffs: The commission approved the staff-recommended policies and guidelines for renewable energy feed-in tariffs. Yes: Unanimous

Gas: The commission discussed the long-term financial projections and revenue requirements of the city's gas utility. Action: None

Electricity: The commission voted not to transfer funds from the Calaveras Reserve to the city's electricity fund until further analysis is conducted. Yes: Berry, Cook, Foster, Waldfogel No: Keller, Melton Absent: Eglash

Architectural Review Board (April 7)

Cell tower: The board voted to continue its hearing on AT&T's proposal to install a cell tower at St. Albert the Great Church, 1095 Channing Ave. Yes: Lee, Lew, Malone Pritchard, Young No: Wasserman


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