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Real Estate - April 1, 2011

Building permits

Menlo Park

1081 Tehama Ave. R. G. Stanley Trust, furnace replacement, $1,500

675 Sharon Park Drive J. Macarthur III Trust, kitchen remodel, $8,200

220 Jefferson Drive D. Bohannon Organization, commercial tenant improvement, $102,580

1440 Modoc Ave. Habitat for Humanity, interior remodel and re-roof, $30,000

726 Woodland Ave. S. & K. Toshing Trusts, replace water heater, $1,800

2 Robert S. Drive Quinta Properties, house demolition, $9,000

1071 Noel Drive Shipway Investment Co., kitchen and washer-dryer remodel, $10,000

211 Robin Way J. Yanagisako, addition of car garage and kitchen remodel, $97,744

2 Wood Lane M. Weitzel, master-bath remodel, $42,000

1152 Berkeley Ave. A. Hodges, sewer-line replacement, $4,000

350 Sharon Park Drive Bre FMCA LLC, Install volt circuit for electrical vehicle, $750

1750 Oakdell Drive Oakdell Group LLC, remove and replace furnace, $2,200

112 Clover Lane D. Salabert Trust, remove and replace furnace, $3,000

1265 San Mateo Drive D. Goldberg Trust, demolition of old house, $29,000

960 Hamilton Ave. AMB Property LP, install freezer and expand walls, $100,000

170 Newbridge St. E. Robertson Trust, addition of 239 square feet, $41,000

705 Hobart St. Christopher Grover Trust, kitchen remodel with new bay window, $40,000

59 Willow Road H. Bouldoukian Trust, electrical service upgrade, $2,000

1045 Middle Ave. H. Yamamoto Trust, replace kitchen countertop and sink, $3,896


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