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News - February 25, 2011

City View

A round-up of Palo Alto government action this week

City Council

The council did not meet this week.

Public Art Commission (Feb. 17)

Way Finding Project: The commission discussed and expressed support for the "Way Finding Project" from the city manager's office. The project would include photos representing every department in City Hall displayed in the elevator vestibules. Action: None

Donation: The commission approved a staff recommendation to accept a donation of artworks from the Palo Alto Art Center Foundation. Yes: Acebo-Davis, Brown, Collins, Richter, Smit, Usich Absent: Coleman

Board of Education (Feb. 22)

Facilities: The board discussed solicitation of construction bids for more than $50 million in projects at Gunn and Palo Alto high schools. Action None

Elementary math: The board discussed formation of a parent-teacher task force on elementary mathematics. Action None

Full-day kindergarten: The board discussed a trial program for full-day kindergarten at Barron Park School, beginning this fall. Action None

State budget: The board endorsed a proposal by Gov. Jerry Brown to place on the June ballot a five-year extension of taxes that were set to expire this year. Yes: Klausner, Mitchell, Tom, Townsend Absent: Caswell

Parks and Recreation Commission (Feb. 22)

Capital improvement: The commission discussed capital-improvement projects at local parks and the use of park-impact fees to fund some of these projects. The commission voted to recommend that some of these fees be used for improvements at El Camino Park. Yes: Crommie, Hetterly, Lauing, Walsh No: Dykwel, Markevitch Absent: Losch

Infrastructure: The commission heard an update on the city's Infrastructure Blue Ribbon Task Force. Action: None

Planning and Transportation Commission (Feb. 23)

AT&T antennas: The commission approved a proposal by AT&T to install two WiFi antennas to the Hotel President balcony at 488 University Ave., with minor conditions. Yes: Garber, Martinez, Tanaka, Tuma No: Keller

Absent: Fineberg, Lippert

Bicycle plan: The commission heard an update on the city's Pedestrian and Bicycle Transportation Plan. Action: None


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