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Real Estate - February 11, 2011

Building permits

Menlo Park

1220 Cotton St. W. Brown, replace furnace, $3,950

1135 Hamilton Court AMB Property LP, tenant improvement to existing structure, $150,000

2825 Sand Hill Road Rosewood Hotel, commercial alteration to service bar, $200,000

1206 Lemon Ave. Clarium Homes, new family residence, $403,500

2550 Sand Hill Road Sand Hill Place LLC, interior fire storage room, $7,500

309 Pope St. J. Lindgren, addition to single-story home, $145,000

1340 Willow Road Mid Peninsula Education Center, ClearWire cell site, $30,000

10 Network Circle Facebook, commercial interior demolition, $175,000

101 Blackburn Ave. F. Bould, red tag furnace replacement, $5,200

33 Willow Road A. Landsdorf, interior remodel and install new beam, $22,000

680 Wallea Drive M. Wong, remove and replace furnace, $5,000

1075 Deanna Drive D. & J. Hutchinson Trustees, residential reconstruction, $200,000

1365 Willow Road Menlo Gateway INC, heater replacement and install fan, $n/a; re-roof, $9, 410

1365 Willow Road B, C, D Menlo Gateway INC, heater replacements and install bath fans, $n/a

1465 Willow Road E Menlo Gateway INC, heater replacement and install bath fan, $n/a

144 Hedge Road M. Foley, kitchen remodel, $25,000

2319 Crest Lane K. Liston, pool remodel and add spa, $20,000

1158 Bay Laurel Drive S. Purcell & S.A. Trusts, re-roof carport, $3,500

1071 Sierra Drive C. Chow Trust, residential alteration, $25,000

350 McKendry Place D. Krakora, kitchen remodel and wall alteration, $11,988

1315 El Camino Real MPI INC, interior remodel of office, $10,000

160 Linfield Drive Taylor Morrison of Cal LLC, new single residence, $240,071

1380 Johnson St. M.R. Van Der Pyl Trust, bath remodel, $10,000

158 Linfield Drive Taylor Morrison of Cal LLC, new single residence, $191,880

441 El Camino Real S. Corbari Trust, commercial alteration to interior, $45,000

2 Robert Drive Quinta Properties, demolish existing house, $n/a

220 Chester St. S. Dunlap, re-roof, $9,900

675 Sharon Park Drive M. George, remove and replace furnace, $2,100

526 Laurel Ave. Leland Stanford Jr. University Bd., replace sewer line, $7,475

1030 Siskiyou Drive R. Quiros, deck repair and railing replacement, $24,700

2882 Sand Hill Road CLPF- Sand Hill Commons LP, interior improvements, $496,800

1455 Adams Drive Raychem Corp. Lessee, replace AC units, $n/a

167 E. Creek Drive D. Gielow, kitchen and bathroom remodel, $50,000

152 E. Creek Drive D. Burton Trust, remove and replace furnace, $5,000

900 Fremont St. R. Nitrio, replace sewer line and add clean out, $3,150

Palo Alto

3180 Waverley St. P. & S. Ruh, new house, $650,000; guest cottage, $150,000

4208 Ruthelma Ave. B. Shiu, replace windows, doors, $1,000

3000 El Camino Real Stanford, new meter main, trench, replace electrical vault, $46,110

Stanford Falk Center J. Knapp, replace imaging equipment, new ceiling, $350,000

3708 Laguna Ave. J. Witt, new two-story home with attached garage, $675,000

2020 Byron St. H. Shong, remodel kitchen, four bathrooms, $50,100

395 Page Mill Road Disney Worldwide Services, interior demolition, $n/a

4173 El Camino Real, Unit 5 J. Pouilanes, replace kitchen countertop and sink, $7,034

800 Chimalus Drive Y. Vaysman, remodel bathroom, $10,000

735 Holly Oak Drive D. Ku & T. To, new bathroom, $8,500

180 El Camino Real #181 Simon Property Group, commercial tenant improvement, $100,000

625 Lytton Ave. H. Hoa, repair deck and deck rails, $42,630

1501 Page Mill Road Hewlett-Packard, re-roof, add skylights, columns, $750,000

202 Sequoia Ave. S. Venkatasubramaniam, new two-story residence, $655,800; single-story dwelling and garage, $215,000; detached garage, $22,800

550 Kingsley Ave. J. & A. Danner, interior remodel, $117,470

2625 Hanover St. Nanosys, gas detection monitoring plans for cyclone, $6,500; install equipment, $15,000

1121 Lincoln Ave. S. Lemay, remodel two bathrooms, $30,000

310 University Ave. interior finish, office, $1,400,000

4071 Second St. B. King, remodel kitchen, bathroom, change windows, $45,000

954 Laurel Glen Drive P. Kim, repair fire damage to garage and master bedroom, $30,000

10 Phillips Road S. & L. Miller, extend master bedroom, bathroom, closet, $60,314

140 Kellogg Ave. W. Harm, demo pool, $n/a

540 Bryant St. Thoits Bros., interior tenant improvements, $99,000

1048 Loma Verde Ave. A. Rueff, replace 12 windows and two sliding doors, $8,660

2424 Burnham Way P. Narayanan, convert closet to bathroom, $15,000

3400 El Camino Real L. Correno, Creekside Inn, install backflow prevention assembly, $n/a

279 Campesino Ave. S. Ching, new two-story residence with attached garage, $412,000

3825 Fabian Way Space Systems Loral, provide sound screen wall at two mechanical yards, $120,000

759 Middlefield Road H. Wachs, repair sewer pipe, $6,192


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