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Real Estate - January 14, 2011



Menlo Park

175 E. Creek Drive J. Mondry, new skylights and abandon chimney flue and vents, $5,000

941 Continental Drive S. Ellingson, deck repair, $12,000

2550 Sand Hill Road Sand Hill Palace LLC, add walkway and install lighting, $14,718

1555 Adams Drive Menlo Business Park LLC, upgrade stairs, $18,000

2150 Sharon Road R. Wilkolaski, re-roof, $14,000

300 San Mateo Drive R. Wilkolaski, re-roof, $13,000

2030 Menalto Ave. R. Benito, new skylight, $300

1100 University Drive Bacciocco Enterprises LLC, upgrade for on-site cabinet, $500

1385 Willow Road Menlo Gateway INC, replace wall heater and install bath fans, $n/a; re-roof, $12,809

1381 Willow Road Menlo Gateway INC, replace wall heaters and install bath fans, $n/a; re-roof, $12,809

1381 Willow Road A Menlo Gateway INC, replace wall heater and install new bath fan, $n/a

1381 Willow Road B Menlo Gateway INC, replace wall heaters and install new bath fans, $n/a

1381 Willow Road C Menlo Gateway INC, replace wall heater and install new bath fan, $n/a

1381 Willow Road D Menlo Gateway INC, replace wall heater and install new bath fan, $n/a

311 Homewood Place Taylor Morrison of Calif. LLC, new residence and car garage, $225,065

21 Campbell Lane L. Mccolloch, remove and replace bedroom window, $1,371

325 Sharon Park Drive Radin Co., grease-trap replacement, $1,700

2393 Sharon Road L. Jennings, convert closet space into laundry room, $7,500

120 Constitution Drive C & F Constitution LLC, new sign, $15,000

333 Marmona Drive M. Ritchey, replace water heater, $900

2304 Loma Prieta Lane R. Ridenour, re-roof, $20,568

1161 Valparaiso Ave. J. Hung, repair gas leak and new water heater, $2,000

800 El Camino Real Menlo Station Development, commercial tenant improvement, $608,480

1055 Atkinson Lane L. Chen & T. Sudhof, 41-sq.-ft. addition and interior remodel, $60,000

1165 O'Brien Drive Tarlton Properties, add three labs and offices, $79,000

1140 O'Brien Drive O'Brien Drive Portfolio LLC, commercial tenant improvement, $313,000

965 Alice Lane B. Ball, install water service line, $1,500

175 Pineview Lane M. Hatmanis, remove and replace duct work, $11,000

117 Pope St. J. Dahmus, add anchors and wall panels framing clips, $16,850

1100 Sharon Park Drive J. Rossi & N. Marjorie, sub panel replace, $900

1231 Whitaker Way M. Andrews, replace sewer line, 2,800

480 Linfield Road P. Wagner, addition of 328 sq. ft., $70,000

943 Hamilton Ave. AMB Property, alter parking and relocation of sinks, $5,420

953 Hamilton Ave. AMB Property, alter office space and restrain lab equipment, $58,000

1036 College Ave. P. Mazonson, solar photo voltaic, $35,000

325 Sharon Park Drive Oyster INC, grease trap remove and replace, $4,500

2359 Sharon Oaks Drive R. Espeseth & J. Allison, re-roof and install dry rot, $4,554

296 Santa Monica Ave. E. Jones, photovoltaic solar system, $25,692

324 Chester St. P. Montgomery, addition 110 sq. ft. and remodel, $35,000

Palo Alto

865 Robb Road B. Tobin, install spa, $8,000

2701 Middlefield Road Duca & Hanley Properties, install wireless communication, $30,000

204 Cowper St. S. Rudd & R. Nag, bathroom remodel, $25,000

1270 Lincoln Ave. A. & P. Singh, home addition and kitchen remodel, $100,000

228 Stanford Shopping Center replace A/C units, $n/a

180 El Camino Real, Suite 860 Simon Property Group, tenant improvement, $160,000

3950 Park Blvd. C. Wunder, window replacement, $18,000

2500 Embarcadero Road City of Palo Alto, add greenhouse, $15,000

2400 Geng Road #175 Equity Office Properties, tenant improvements, $75,000

819 Ramona St. Uforia Studio, tenant improvements, $88,720

959 Oregon Ave. M. & K. Amon, window replacement, $1,500

428 University Ave. Kling Association, office extension, $80,000

808 Northampton install new furnace, $n/a

1772 Hamilton Ave. N. Teater, kitchen remodel, $22,000

1 Crescent Drive R. Yang, bathroom remodel, $20,000; bathroom remodel and plumbing and electrical alterations, $20,000

4149 El Camino Way Silicon Valley Builders Group, trellis repairs throughout complex, $500,000

537 Channing Ave. E. Javadi, door replacement, electrical switch and light installation, $36,100

3134 Stelling Drive C. Hedstrom and K. Chan, remodel kitchen, bathroom and laundry, $40,100

855 El Camino Real S. Dewami, storefront installation, $24,900

1450 Page Mill Road Stanford, HVAC installation, $27,000

1615 Cowper St. G. Tu, temporary power, $n/a

858 Northampton Drive J. Riff and J. Zyroff, replace windows, $6,300

201 Hamilton Ave. D. and C. Mullen/Schrer estate, opening wood frame in wood wall, $3,500

215 Hamilton Ave. D. and C. Mullen Scherer, cabinet installation, $6,100

2569 Webster St. J. and R. Jeffries, bathroom remodel, $69,000

861 Clara Drive S. Kim and B. Decam, Jacuzzi hook-up, $2, 460

3120 Hansen Way Varian Medical Systems, ceilings, wall and door demolition, $1,989; wall and ceiling addition, $65,000

2833 Bryant St. J. Zhang and E. Mao, bedroom conversion and bathroom remodel, $37,399

1087 Moreno Ave. D. Siegal, bathroom remodel and window replacement, $12,000

221 High St. HOA, stairway and handrail improvements, $5,000

762 Barron Ave. R. Murphy, replace water heater, $n/a

420 Hale St. M. Leu, bathroom remodel, $8,000

390 Matadero St. J. Harris, bathroom addition, $23,500

3520 Arbutus Ave. new outlet, $5,000

2723 Middlefield Road A. Powell, storefront replacement and patio enclosure, $30,000

700 Welch Road, Suite 114 Stanford University, tenant improvements, $125,000

2313 Webster St. C. and C. Piercey, bathroom remodel, $30,000

700 Maryview Ave. S. and P. Afshair, window replacements, $4,600

1098 Cardinal Way A and S. Mahmod, window, garage door and front door replacement, gazebo installation, $12,000

3239 Waverley St. G. Xiong, garage installation, $10,984


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