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Spectrum - October 31, 2008

Editorial: The Weekly recommends ...

Here is a final pre-election checklist of the Weekly's recommendations for the Nov. 4 election

U.S. President

Barack Obama

Congress (District 14)

Anna Eshoo

State Senate (District 11)

Joe Simitian

State Assembly (District 20)

Ira Ruskin

East Palo Alto City Council

Doug Fort, Carlos Romero, Goro Mitchell

Ravenswood City School District ...

Saree Mading, Sharifa Wilson

Superior Court Judge (Office No. 8)

Lane Liroff

Santa Clara County Measure A: YES

Santa Clara County Measure B: YES

Palo Alto Measure N: YES


Proposition 1A: YES

High-Speed Rail Bonds

Proposition 2: YES

Farm Animals

Proposition 3: YES

Children's Hospital Bonds

Proposition 4: NO

Waiting Period/Parental Notification of Minors' Pregnancy

Proposition 5: YES

Nonviolent Offenders Sentencing, Parole, Rehab

Proposition 6: NO

Increased Criminal Penalties and Laws

Proposition 7: NO

Renewable Energy

Proposition 8: NO

Limit on Marriage

Proposition 9: NO

Victims' Rights. Parole

Proposition 10: NO

Subsidy for Alternative Fuel Vehicles/Renewable Energy

Proposition 11: YES


Proposition 12: YES

Veterans' Bond Act of 2008

The League of Women Voters' "Smart Voter" guide provides complete election information, at www.smartvoter.org/ .


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