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News - September 19, 2007

Lytton Gardens cited by state for food problems

Longtime senior residence and nursing center both have difficulties with proper refrigeration and food preparation, inspection reports say

by Sue Dremann

Inspections by two health agencies found several violations at Lytton Gardens Senior Communities that could potentially cause harm to its low-income seniors.

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Posted by DeLois Turner
a resident of Another Palo Alto neighborhood
on Dec 8, 2009 at 11:21 pm

I am not surprised about the report about Lytton Garden. From being in the food service business myself years ago there is no excuse for not knowing all the Health Department regulation about FOOD. Any and every person who deals with people and food it is their responsibility to know the Health Department regulation and always keep up with any new ones issued

I am a Resident at one of Lyttons independant complex that was built to be NONE-SMOKING but Gery Yearout have known in the past now that there are a few seniors who are smoking making at least my life HELL, I am ALLERGIC TO CIGARETTE SMOKE! Gery Yearout let these people who are SMOKING in this NONE-SMOKING police them selves by telling them to smoke outside. SECOND HAND CIGARETTE SMOKE is more dangerous to Seniors and Kids than any other group of people. Gery Yearout just tells them not to smoke inside. The area where they are suppose to smoke,the minute I smell CIGARETTE SMOKE in the evenings and late night I slip my slipper and jacket on go down stairs and look outside, there is NO one outside SMOKING. I don't understand why Yearout have not moved these people who are ADDICTED to CIGARETTE SMOKE to their property on Lytton Ave. where smoking is allowed in their apartment.
Its really sad because most of us DO NOT SMOKE. Way over 1/2 DO NOT speak ENGLISH OR UNDERSTAND ENGLISH, but still that no reason not to protect and respect their RIGHTS. In Lyttons lease it states one Resident CAN NOT IMPOSE upon the rights of another Residen RIGHTS,I CAN NOT think of anything more IMPOSING than CIGARETTE SMOKE which is considered DANGEROUS CHEMICALS by HUD. All that asked of Yearout to enforce the lease NO-SMOKING.

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Posted by DeLois Turner
a resident of Another Palo Alto neighborhood
on Dec 13, 2009 at 11:30 pm

I now fully understand how things get out of hand when the rules and regulations are not inforced by who ever is in charge. When the person who is suppose to inforce the regulations and rules for personal reason then things can very well get out of hand.

Why have rules if they are not going to be inforced for everyone that is called DISCRIMINATION. Where I live it is suppose to be a NONE-SMOKING complex and I am very FUSTURATED because the local management Gery Yearout does not inforce this NONE-SMOKING for a few.
How can Lytton advertise for Lytton Four NONE-SMOKING when infact there are 3-4 people who are in VIOLATION of their leases because they are smoking in their apartment which causes me as cold as it has been having to sleep with fans going and my windows open.

I now understand why some people feel the way they do about Female CEO's. In the first place a man would not have put his company rules and regulation on a back shelf by not imposing the lease.
The male managers and CEO's I have known would not put people who are addicted to TOBACCO ahead of the lease especially if there was a complex that these people could be transferred to where they were allowed to smoke in their apartments own by the same company. It is now midnight and the cigarette smoke is coming into my apartment from on the first floor.
A person of color knows when they have been DISCRIMINATED aganist even if it's new to them. Many people think because we have a Black President there is no DISCRIIMIINATING, that is incorrect. What I am so SURPRISE about that it would go on at a Senior Complex with the management here at Lytton.
How does management even think all they have to do is tell these people that addicted to TOBACCO just don't SMOKE in your apartment and thats what they are going to do. Why would they because in the first place they have VIOLATED the lease knowing they SMOKE and moving into a NONE-SMOKING Senior Complex, so why would management even think they are not going to smoke in their apartments. It does not take a COLLEGE EDUCATION to know anyone ADDICTED to anything you can believe anything they say about what they are ADDICTED to thats just common sense!