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Notes & Comments - November 10, 2006


Fooling whom?

In her Guest Opinion in Wednesday's Weekly (Nov. 8), councilwoman LaDoris Cordell chastises Richard Rosenbaum for having the cheek to criticize the council's ready acceptance of a burdensome employee contract.

She may have raked him over the coals for having participated in or being a beneficiary of past decisions, but nowhere in her argument does she challenge or contradict the accuracy of his criticism. Despite her protestations, our council's performance in the recent salary and benefit negotiations is questionable at best. As a result we Palo Altans now face burdensome employee costs in the future.

Whom is she trying to fool?

Michael Goldeen

Tasso Street, Palo Alto

Sticks and stones

I read with interest Ms. Cordell's response (Nov. 8) to Mr. Rosenbaum's critique of granting lifetime health benefits to city workers, in which Ms. Cordell states: "Let he who is without lifetime 100 percent city-paid health benefits cast the first stone."

My family and I lived in Palo Alto for nine years. In those nine years, we saw more fiscal irresponsibility in Palo Alto than on Capitol Hill. The fiscal fecklessness seems to correlate with the number and depth of potholes on Palo Alto streets.

Palo Alto is in a fiscal tornado. Instead of digging itself out, it's getting in deeper. This is wholly irresponsible.

A few minutes with a search engine will confirm that Palo Alto has the highest water rates in the entire United States. Guess where the money is going. Ö

We moved out of Palo Alto last year. We'll move back when City Hall gets its head screwed on right and realizes it's there to serve the citizens, not the other way around. Oh, and Ms. Cordell, here comes the first stone. Get some cover before you're completely stoned.

Rajiv Bhateja

La Cresta Drive, Los Altos Hills

About CT

I am an enrollee of the spiral CT program mentioned in a recent article and can give more information on this free trial. Enrollees can be current or former smokers aged 55 or greater, must be in general good health and smoked for 30 pack-years. For example, two packs for 15 years or three packs for 10 years.

Mills-Peninsula Hospital is only a few miles from Palo Alto in San Mateo and the three free yearly scans take only about 20 minutes. In my case, my first scan showed a 7x8 mm nodule with their protocols requiring a rescan in three months for a nodule greater than 5x5 mm. On the rescan my nodule actually shrank, clearing any concern, and I now look forward to the final two scans.

Another article from this week's U.S. News magazine reported that of 535 patients selected from a group of 5,646 to have biopsies, all but 43 showed cancer. This shows the CT technology along with selection by nodule size is effective in finding people with lung cancer at an early curable stage.

People needing more information on this program can call the Dorothy E. Schneider Cancer Center at 650-696-4487.

Tom Ashton

Bryant Street, Palo Alto

A time for trees

Every time I think the weather is as beautiful as can be, it gets more beautiful. What a great time to take a Canopy Tree Walk.

It just so happens that this Saturday, Nov. 11, Canopy is hosting one through the West Bayshore neighborhood. Enjoy the sun and the cool breeze and local arborist Kevin Raftery leads a walk through the area pointing out interesting information on select trees. Meet at Ohlone School, 950 Amarillo Ave. in Palo Alto at 10 a.m. The walk will go until noon.

I suggest looking for the Sweet Gum -- its leaves are turning a bright shade of yellow before they say goodbye for the winter.

If you can't make it to this Saturday's Tree Walk, what about the next one? The next one will be on Saturday, Dec. 9, through the Palo Verde neighborhood. Meet at the entrance of Palo Verde Elementary School located at 3450 Louis Road at 10 am. The walk will be led by local arborist and Canopy board member John McClenahan.

Genevra Ornelas

Program Director, Canopy Trees for Palo Alto

E. Bayshore Road, Palo Alto


Posted by Aghast, a resident of Another Palo Alto neighborhood
on Jun 23, 2011 at 12:57 pm

How unfortunate that Ms. Cordell's generosity chickens are now coming home to roost in the Palo Alto budget mess. Ms. Cordell of course, has gone on to bigger and better things leaving the trail of fiscal destruction in her wake for the rest of us to clean up.

Posted by Bob, a resident of Community Center
on Jun 23, 2011 at 2:16 pm

This initial post is from November 2006. and I thought Cordell did not want the lifetime health benefits and she herself wouldn't take her share.