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Real Estate - December 6, 2013

Building Permits

Palo Alto

663 Toyon Place remodel kitchen and bathroom, $57,000

3387 Kipling St. replace roof trusses after fire damage, replace drywall ceilings, some walls, re-roof,$75,000

3495 Deer Creek Road replace exterior doors, windows and garage doors, $n/a

1400 College Ave. re-roof, $7,800

2823 Kipling St. re-roof, $22,382

115 Emerson St. open portion of kitchen wall to dining and hallway, $20,000

900 Arastradero Road revise pathway connection, $n/a

173 Creekside Drive remodel master bath and hall bath, $14,000

4317 Silva Ave. relocate main gas line for future cottage, $n/a

1684 Channing Ave. pour new foundation, $n/a

407 Ferne Ave. re-roof, $19,500

150 Southwood Drive re-roof, $15,000

210 Bryant St. addition, remodel of multi-family building and attached garage, $n/a

2440 Bryant St. re-roof, $13,687

2140 Yale St. re-roof, $10,291

3500 Deer Creek Road install transformers on racks, $23,000; relocate crane, $4,000

4033 Second St. new beam for ceiling joist support, new coffer ceiling framing, $n/a

900 San Antonio Ave. re-roof, $43,000

228 Wwalter Hays Drive convert hall bath to full bath, $n/a

3942 Duncan Place extend gasline to living-room fireplace, $n/a

3484 Waverley St. re-roof, $13,000

745 Garland Drive extend gasline to new outdoor firepit and barbecue, $n/a

301 University Ave. install backflow device, $n/a

2170 W. Bayshore Road install two illuminated wall signs, $n/a

360 Everett Ave., Unit 4B remodel kitchen, bathroom, $15,000

125 University Ave. Artec: tenant improvement for suite 90, $24,000

300 Hamilton Ave. replace four roof drains, $n/a

3494 Cowper St. replace 11 windows and four patio doors, $15,500

991 Loma Verde Ave. replace heat pump, $n/a

776 Barron Ave. re-roof, $11,800

3882 Magnolia Drive S re-roof garage, $17,500; re-roof, $n/a

901 Van Auken Circle remodel bedroom and office, $17,867

105 Byron St. install three retrofit windows, $1,829

809 Richardson Court re-roof, $21,000

3724 Ortega Court re-roof, $7,374

2040 Cowper St. remodel kitchen, relocate washer/dryer, remodel four bathrooms, $72,407

3265 Kipling St. install electric vehicle charging station on side of house, $n/a

823 Gailen Ave. remodel bathroom, $7,000

558 Vista Ave. replace windows and sliding door, $9,923

1862 Waverley St. re-roof, $26,740

3478 Rambow Drive re-roof, $24,400

55 Morton St. re-roof, $13,000

3242 South Court remodel kitchen, change doorway location, add lights, $11,000

1752 Emerson St. remodel bathroom, $20,000

4250 Pomona Ave. replace five windows, $2,800

1030 Parkinson Ave. install photovoltaic panels, $n/a

346 Palo Alto Ave. partial rewire in living room and bedrooms, $n/a

3198 Emerson St. install skylight over hallway, $n/a

757 Greer Road install electric vehicle charging station on side of house, $1,345

940 Elsinore Drive re-roof, $15,000

647 Glenbrook Drive revise truss calcs, new shear wall, add skylights, $n/a

738 Torreya Court convert laundry to bathroom, $5,000

251 University Ave. re-roof repair, $35,255

2328 Louis Road install rooftop solar PV system, $n/a

531 Jefferson Drive convert two-car garage to one-car garage with 299 sf living space, $24,000

375 Cambridge Ave. Family & Children Services: remodel for tenant, $12,500

2130 Bowdoin St. install six rooftop solar panels and subpanel, $n/a

1205 Forest Ave. enlarge kitchen window, $n/a

195 Monroe Drive install rooftop solar PV system, $n/a

474 Churchill Ave. replace conduit from electric meter to roof, due to tree damage, $n/a

841 Garland Drive remodel bathroom, $8,000

4216 Los Palos Ave. install rooftop solar PV system, $n/a

375 N. California Ave. rewire residence, $n/a; reconfigure bathroom, remodel kitchen, $58,000

115 Fulton St. remove posts and replace with engineered beams that span the basement, $n/a detached carport, $n/a

323 Ferne Ave. replace 24 windows, one sliding door, $n/a

717 Matadero Ave. relocate fireplace, windows, door in garage, $n/a

811 Channing Ave. install new radiant heating system, $n/a

433 Hamilton Ave. add breakroom counter on first floor, $n/a

4159 El Camino Way, Unit N remodel two bathrooms, $17,000


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