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Real Estate - August 2, 2013

Building Permits

Palo Alto

158 Rinconada Ave. addition (351 sf) and remodel (9 sf), add a family room at the rear of the residence, new door, 20 sf trellis at detached garage, re-roof, $58,200; gas line for outdoor firepit/firetable, $n/a

323 University Ave. Bookflip: tenant improvement, $100,000

4229 Ponce Drive remodel bathroom, $22,760

2146 Saint Francis Drive combine two bedrooms to create a master bedroom, remodel bath, new patio door at bedroom and new window at bathroom, $n/a

1591 Castilleja Ave. re-roof, $20,750

3277 Miranda Ave. University Club of Palo Alto, tenant improvement — refresh men's and women's locker rooms and install outdoor showers and fountain, $400,000

2170 W. Bayshore Road install two double-faced blade signs and one set illuminated signs, $n/a

550 Georgia Ave. R. Woo, upgrade electrical service, $n/a; residential addition (443 sf), replace rafters, $80,000

4195 Park Blvd. repair 300 sq ft due to vehicle accident, $24,000; use concrete to raise slab level, $n/a

272 Creekside Drive replace eight windows and one patio door, $6,380

2139 Wellesley St. install hot tub on roof, $10,000

271 Parkside Drive replace 15 windows, seven skylights, $25,123

524 Everett Court re-roof, $14,559; install roof-mounted PV system, $n/a

765 San Antonio Ave. #82 remodel kitchen, $10,000

480 Martinsen Court re-roof, $20,000

1028 McGregor Way roof-mounted photovoltaic system, $n/a

535 Cowper St. tenant improvement for TIAA Creff, Suite 200, including new condensing unit, $172,938; exterior glass canopy, $n/a

746 Torreya Court re-roof, $18,000

3247 Emerson St. remodel kitchen, new breakfast area, remodel bathroom, add bathroom, upgrade electric, $52,311

260 Homer Ave. #302, exterior remodel to third-floor balcony area, including landscaping, new gas barbecue, electric spa, gas heaters, planters, lighting, $99,000

3176 Emerson St. new gunite pool and spa, $53,000

3180 Porter Drive tenant improvement for Jazz Pharmaceuticals to create modular conference room, $95,000; relocate ups on second floor to first floor, $n/a

3190 Mackall Way remodel home (1,550 sq ft) including porch, new attached carport, reframe roof, $152,526

3722 Grove Ave. re-roof, $15,850

370 Addison Ave. install A/C unit on roof, $n/a

832 Southampton Drive roof-mounted photovoltaic system, $n/a

1855 Bret Harte St. re-roof, $11,750

703 High St. partial re-roof, $99,000

101 Forest Ave. Palantir: 1,450 SF remodel for existing tenant, $53,000

1485 Hamilton Ave. revise bathroom layout, add window, $n/a; roof-mounted photovoltaic system, $n/a

3885 El Camino Real install exterior railings, $1,500

745 Chimalus Drive re-roof, $22,555

3737 Grove Ave. demo pool, decking, $5,600

890 Mockingbird Lane, install above-ground spa, electrical upgrade, $n/a

1106 Bryant St. remodel kitchen, add bay window, $24,900; add new AC unit, $n/a

445 Lowell Ave. re-roof, $83,000

3148 Middlefield Road repair dry rot, replace floor joists, $1,200

1032 College Ave. remodel house, including master bedroom, bathroom, adding furnace, insulation, $24,200

1830 Embarcadero Road Stanford Medical Center, replace rooftop mechanical equipment, $90,000; tenant improvement for first floor, $1,157,614; additional equipment replacement, $n/a

2445 Faber Place Stanford Medical Center, replace rooftop mechanical equipment, $9,000

181 Bryant St. add exterior outlet for low-voltage landscape lighting, $n/a

827 Lincoln Ave. remodel two bathrooms, $20,000; remodel kitchen, replace two windows, $99,000

551 Thain Way replace water heater, $n/a

1840 Embarcadero Road Stanford Medical Center, replace rooftop mechanical equipment, $90,000; tenant improvement on first floor, $975,560

279 Scripps Court re-roof, $16,800

3441 Alma St., Suite 150 tenant improvement for Palo Alto Commons, $15,000; Starbucks: install four circuits for four illuminated signs, $n/a

160 Lois Lane re-roof, $19,824

3918 Middlefield Road, Suite A electrical work for illuminated sign for "The Learning Center, $n/a

3781 Nathan Way remodel kitchen, $18,700

235 San Antonio Ave. rooftop photovoltaic system and electrical upgrade, $n/a

804 Boyce Ave. add bedroom and bath within existing basement, $35,000

700 Chimalus Drive addition and remodel with new attached garage, $329,893

3789 Park Blvd. new detached single-car garage, $24,300

761 De Soto Drive demolish pool, $n/a

4125 Sutherland Drive demolish pool, $n/a

281 Iris Way electrical work for new accessory structure, $n/a; change window to exterior door and add skylight, $n/a

3725 Feather Lane replace bottom 2 feet of Sheetrock in living room, $3,237

2279 Saint Francis Drive re-roof, $11,000

1951 Waverley St. install electric-car charging outlet in garage and 50amp circuit, $n/a

955 Addison Ave. new rooftop photovoltaic system, upgrade electrical service to 200 amps, $n/a

2050 Channing Ave. site improvements for residential units, utilities site work, fine grading, $100,000; minor site improvement changes, $n/a

2315 Louis Road remodel (512 sf), relocate tank water heater and upgrade electric service to 200 amps, $51,826

984 Ilima Way remodel kitchen, $24,000; residential water repipe from meter to house, 35 feet trenched, $n/a

525 Ashton Ave. replace tar-and-gravel roof, remove dry rot, $14,868

1520 Portola Ave. remodel garage, $8,311

131 Lowell Ave. re-roof detached garage, $1,700

389 Margarita Ave. re-roof residence, $5,200

872 Embarcadero Road re-roof residence, $8,800

439 Monroe Drive install tankless water heater with dedicated gasline, $n/a

663 Toyon Place install tankless water heater, $n/a

4174 King Arthur's Court install tankless water heater with dedicated gasline, $n/a; electric vehicle service equipment, $n/a

628 Greer Road install tankless water heater with dedicated gasline, $n/a

771 Center Drive re-roof, $23,800

894 Garland Drive re-roof, $20,000

3120 Alexis Drive new gas firepit and barbecue, $5,000

890 E. Meadow Drive re-roof, $15,000

785 Ames Ave. re-roof, $13,134

657 Waverley St. remodel master bathroom, $5,800

731 De Soto Drive replace rooftop A/C, $n/a

1001 Page Mill Road, #B2, Cloudera, interior demo to prepare for tenant improvement, $n/a; tenant improvement for general office space, $900,000

1001 Page Mill Road, #B4, Citigroup, tenant improvement, divide conference room, large offices into smaller offices, $50,000; relocate light fixtures, $n/a

3549 Middlefield Road remodel kitchen and bath, $23,771

1066 Fife Ave. re-roof, $9,580

772 Talisman Court re-roof duplex, $9,398

2938 Alexis Drive install 50-amp electric-vehicle charger in garage, $n/a

956 Addison Ave. re-roof, $26,260

3948 La Donna Ave. relocate A/C unit to backyard, replace attic furnace, $n/a

867 Garland Drive replace windows, patio door, $18,000; re-roof, $18,500

868 Robb Road roof-mounted photovoltaic system, $n/a; landscaping with new trellis with outdoor kitchen, gas fireplace, includes sports court, $15,000

101 California Ave. re-roof Building U, V $16,000 each; re-roof Building C, $21,000; re-roof, $14,600

185 N. California Ave. excavate piers, lift kitchen, pour concrete piers, $46,960

2170 Middlefield Road remodel hallway bath, $6,500

1094 Tanland Drive, Apt. 104 remodel kitchen and bathroom, $3,000

4106 Thain Way replace four windows and three patio doors, $8,140

1110 Embarcadero Road replace 10 windows, $5,025

768 Bryant St. remodel kitchen, bathroom, new lighting in breakfast room, $24,000

3838 Magnolia single-story addition, add tankless water heater and A/C, $98,000

3903 El Camino Real install illuminated wall sign for Star One credit union, $n/a

777 San Antonio Ave. #97, L. Cheung, replace two windows and two sliding doors $4,288

3727 La Calle create new master-bedroom suite, convert living room to office/bedroom, $76,000

3400 El Camino Real Creekside Inn, install earthquake shut-off valve at gas meter, $n/a

1010 Corporation Way tenant improvement, $75,000; new facade at main entrances, $35,000

31103 Page Mill Road flush-mounted PV system, $n/a

167 Hamilton Ave., Apt. 2 Palantir, firm to occupy second, third and fourth floor, $n/a

911 Hansen Way medical office building tenant improvements, $170,000

950 Page Mill Road add 928-sf fitness center with lockers, shower, toilet, sink, $n/a

1111 Fife Ave. install roof-top mounted photovoltaic system, $n/a

221 Hawthorne Ave. replace windows on four apartment buildings, $65,000

3251 Hanover St. add window at second floor, $n/a

774 Emerson St. Whole Foods, remodel coffee, juice, bakery and prepared food service areas, $138,000

1121 Hamilton Ave. upgrade foundation, $n/a; remodel garage, $9,000

2306 Ross Road extend patio deck and install gas line to fire pit, $n/a; new arbor at rear patio, $n/a

1170 Fife Ave. remove wall between family and breakfast rooms, install new beam, $n/a

2337 Williams St. remodel duplex, convert to three-bedroom unit, replace windows, relocate entry door, new tankless water heater, $61,000

720 Greer Road plywood sheathing at master bedroom, bath, bedroom, $n/a; add raised ceiling in living room, $n/a

191 Monroe Drive demo house with attached garage, $n/a; new two-story house (~3,942 sf) with attached garage (~434 sf, $673,245

869 Richardson Court revise plans on height of structure, $n/a; expand addition 16 sf, add skylight, $n/a; addition for study and bathroom, $59,021

419 Palm St. eliminate fixed window, $n/a

718 E. Meadow Drive rooftop solar PV system, $n/a

1796 Channing Ave. demo house and attached garage, $n/a; new two-story house (2,285 sf), $381,000; new detached garage, $11,000

1178 Hamilton Ave. demo house and detached garage, $n/a; new two-story house (4,136 sf) with attached storage structure, $700,000; detached three-car garage, $35,000

456 University Ave. tenant improvement for Samsung at Varsity Theatre, $800,000; new floor opening for future restaurant, $n/a

3190 Waverley St. demo house and attached garage, $n/a; new house (2,905 sf) with attached garage (235 sf), $483,529

3210 Porter Drive install electric-vehicle charger in planter area of parking lot, $n/a

1623 Escobita Ave. remodel kitchen, two bathrooms, $90,000

3431 Hillview Ave. VMWare, ; install 13 electric-car charging stations in parking garage, $n/a; relocate PV system, $n/a; parking garage site revisions, $n/a; add exterior exit signs, $n/a

870 Moreno Ave. remodel kitchen, family, dining room, $65,000

1630 Castilleja Ave. revision to rebuild garage, $n/a

1380 Martin Ave. addition, remodel, $119,296; convert detached garage to covered porch with outdoor gas-burning fireplace, $11,037; add new patio door and coffered ceiling in master bedroom, $n/a

70 Waverley Oaks remodel, repair foundation, enlarge windows, $50,000

3798 Nathan Way addition and remodel, $40,000

4145 Willmar Drive demo house and garage, $n/a; new two-story house (3,105 sf) with attached one-car garage, $511,799

3064 Middlefield Road bump out house by 12 sf, revisions in remodel, $n/a; add new roof cover, relocate pocket door and shear wall, $n/a

4082 Second St. addition and remodel kitchen, $272,950; add new concrete walkway, reconfigure master bath, $n/a

3500 Louis Road remodel kitchen/dining/living areas, $29,380; change placement of two windows, change slab, $n/a

3067 Stelling Drive new rooftop photovoltaic system, $24,000

5 Phillips Road addition and remodel, install tankless water heater, $89,061; remodel detached garage, $1,652

1633 Webster St. new accessory building in rear yard, $55,140

1850 Webster St. re-roof, $14,000

1520 Bryant St. replace two bathrooms, enclose balcony, $24,838

325 Iris Way new covered patio with barbecue and fire pit, $15,000; new pool with heating equipment, $35,000

440 Hale St. addition and remodel, relocate garage entry and driveway, $135,000

3333 Coyote Hill Road install electric-vehicle charging station, $n/a

652 Melville Ave. install electric-vehicle charging station in garage, $n/a

3711 La Donna Ave. install electric-vehicle charging station, $n/a

101 University Ave. install solar panels, $n/a

499 Hamilton Ave. Verizon, tenant improvement, including upgrading electrical service to 800 amps, $2,100,000


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