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Real Estate - July 12, 2013

Building Permits

Palo Alto

850 Moana Court replace furnace, $n/a

627 Fulton St. single-story addition (72 sf), remodel (204 sf) and covered porch (720 sf), $50,800

2477 Aztec Way re-roof, $11,000

1501 Page Mill Road Hewlett Packard, bldg. 6, revise east facade to stucco finish where the exterior tile is failing, $97,000; Bldg. 3, replace three exterior doors, $30,000; install an "optics sputter" tool and six process piping systems. install electrical cabinets for the new tool, $209,000

4156 Crosby Place expand the master bathroom and closet, $16,000

4010 Ben Lomond Drive add a gas fireplace insert (26k btus) in a masonry fireplace, $n/a

754 Palo Alto Ave. repair foundation, $22,500

634 Wellsbury Way re-roof, $11,000

2300 Geng Road Ephox, suite 220, add a sink and an electric insta-hot water heater for an office break room, $n/a; tenant improvement for Jones Lang LaSalle, divide conference room into two smaller rooms, $16,380

4043 Ben Lomond Drive repair garage wall at family room, replace two electrical outlets and switches, $5,000

824 Seale Ave. pergola gate and fence, $7,450

670 E. Meadow Drive Covenant Childrens Center, add an interior wall, $35,000

811 Channing Ave. replace sewer, $n/a

390 Palo Alto Ave. remodel kitchen and bathroom, new tankless water heater, add heat pump, replace some windows, re-roof entire structure, $95,203

1533 Walnut Drive repair gas leak, $n/a

314 Stanford Ave. flush-mounted rooftop photovoltaic system, $n/a

1295 Wilson St. re-roof, $11,175

915 Piers Court re-roof, $7,470

1703 Bryant St. relocate washer dryer from closet to hall bathroom, $n/a

738 Homer Ave. remodel kitchen and bathroom, $20,000

988 Embarcadero Road replace approx 25 feet of new sewerline from house clean out to the property line, $n/a

300 Lowell Ave. addition and remodel, includes conversion of attic space to living space, $183,000

3300 Stockton Place replace 25 feet of new sewerline from house cleanout to the property line, $n/a

3110 Bandera Drive install residential ev charger, $n/a

1030 Parkinson Ave. install residential ev charger, $n/a

1030 Palo Alto Ave. remodel second floor to relocate bathroom, create bedroom, re-roof, remodel both downstairs bathrooms, $60,058

1503 Escobita Ave. two-story addition with basement, $432,000

743 De Soto Drive re-roof, $11,300

2645 Middlefield Road tenant improvement for "Because We Rock", music skill training development firm to occupy 1,850 sf on ground floor, $90,000

954 Forest Ave. convert attic to 2nd-floor living space and storage, $60,000

2590 Marshall Drive addition (279 sf) and remodel (102 sf), $55,463

3912 Laguna Ave. install a roof-mounted, residential pv system, $n/a; new metal roof on garage, $10,450

4103 Park Blvd. re-roof, $12,000

526 Thain Way replace water heater, $n/a

4261 El Camino Real emergency gas leak repair outside restaurant area, $n/a

440 Olive Ave. facade repair, $9,500

329 Fulton St. change in trellis, reduce first and second story windows, eliminating one window, $n/a

473 Gary Court replace 12 windows, $9,170

877 Moana Court re-roof, $34,000

840 E. Meadow Drive re-roof, $26,000; remodel kitchen, $14,000; install new heat pump at side yard, $n/a

188 Ferne Court re-roof, $8,995

435 Portage Ave. tenant improvements to two-story building, including new bicycle enclosure, $450,000

868 Northampton Drive replace tank water heater, replace bathtub in the master bathroom, $n/a

2746 Cowper St. electric service upgrade to 200 amps, $n/a

152 Lois Lane replace living-room window, $2,800

3933 Laguna Ave. add tankless water heater, $n/a; coffer ceiling and add skylight at family room, $n/a

270 University Ave. add 62 quad outlets, 2 outlets & 1 60a ct for future, $n/a

3151 Cowper St. sewer line repair, $n/a

1313 Newell Road add a new interior glass enclosure, $n/a

2704 Louis Road re-roof, $10,500

857 Robb Road install rooftop pv system, solar hot water heater and solar pool heater, $n/a

4141 Thain Way install central air connect coils to central furnace, $n/a

2770 Louis Road add water feature wall, $n/a

2518 Middlefield Road new bay windows, $n/a

1402 Emerson St. re-roof, $7,000

4009 Villa Vera sewer line repair, $n/a

851 Seale Ave. remodel kitchen, hall and master bath, install 70 amp subpanel, $25,000

311 Fulton St. sewer line repair, $n/a

1607 Hamilton Ave. re-roof, $22,000

3895 Nelson Drive re-roof, $2,500

800 High St. #415 replace furnace, $n/a; remove walls, replace gas fireplace insert, add lighting, $20,000

801 Alma St. solar hot water heater with 24 collectors mounted on the roof, $n/a

4008 Laguna Way replace two furnaces in garage and closet, $n/a

3489 El Camino Real install gas meter at tenant space, $n/a

2491 Greer Road install wall panel hydronic radiators, $n/a

47 Tulip Lane remodel kitchen remodel (120 sf), rewire entire house, replace all drywall and insulation, relocate furnace to the attic, add new exterior AC unit, upgrade electric service, $30,000

121 Lois Lane re-roof, $8,264

739 De Soto Drive replace gas water heater, $n/a

3291 Bryant St. replace gas water heater, $n/a

331 Hawthorne Ave. remodel kitchen and bathroom, $15,000

3760 Wright Place remodel kitchen and bathrooms, upgrade electrical panel to 200 amp, $164,287

2605 Middlefield Road Walgreens, install two interior illuminated window signs, $n/a

984 Harriet St. electric service upgrade to 200 amps, $n/a

475 Coleridge Ave. roof-mounted pv system (5.8 kw) 21 panels, $n/a


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