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Real Estate - January 20, 2012

Building permits

Palo Alto

3440 Kenneth Drive T. Reinhardt, remodel bathroom, $6,000

2400 Geng Road Equity Office Properties, tenant improvement, $71,095

656 Kingsley Ave. D. McLean, replace windows, front door, $45,000

774 Stone Lane K. Sedeh, remodeling bathroom, $15,000

740 Layne Court G. Hylton, replace Sheetrock and kitchen walls, $50,000

1510 Portola Ave. Clarum Innovative Homes, LLC, construction of a two-story home, $780,000

3243 Waverley St. P. Patel, enlarge entry, add office and remodel kitchen, $320,000

646 Georgia Ave. T. Sana, add new master suite, $165,000

900 Arastradero Road Stanford Real Estate, interior demolition, $n/a

324 Emerson Ave. A. Gottlieb, replace new carport, $15,000

2040 Tasso St. S. Goldband, remodel bathroom, $12,000

554 Forest Ave. S. Trollope, remodel kitchen, $15,000

3825 Fabian Way Space Systems Loral, build new door for cafeteria, $12,000

445 Monroe Drive G. Loftin, remodel bathroom, $13,000

1646 Portola Ave. Z. Sarantis, repair bathroom shower and upgrade, $8,500

1175 Forest Ave. Mobraaten, add new vestibule, $20,051

101 Forest Ave. add parking-lot security gate, $12,094

910 Boyce Ave. M. Aramburu, replace kitchen cabinet, upgrade electrical outlets and remodel bathroom, $24,000

1048 Colorado Place S. Kelly, remodel bathroom, $6,200

605 Cowper St. R. Fletcher, voluntary seismic improvement, $4,475

244 Webster St. install skylight, $1,500

3776 Redwood Circle M. Torabi, unknown, $n/a

1630 Channing Ave. M. Oft, add room, bathroom and new roof, $89,016

1454 Page Mill Road E. Maxion, renovate two offices, $30,000

590 Marion Ave. M. Korfhage, remodel hall bathroom, $7,000

158 Rinconada Ave. M. Rav, unknown, $60,000

2000 Geng Road replace old trailer with new office trailer, $5,000

3333 Bryant St. S. Lien, build new two-story, single-family residence with attached one-car garage, $400,000

1510 Portola Ave. Clarum Innovative Homes, LLC, construct new two-story home with basement, $780,000

3406 Hillview Ave. Palo Alto Research Center, install Aixtron reactor process tool with electrical piping, $70,000

3127 El Camino Real Silva Properties, replace storefront, parking and accessibility facilities, $68,000

180 El Camino Real Simon Property Group, tenant improvement for a shaving store at Stanford Shopping Center, $110,000

940 Bryant St. change old shower to new one, $4,000

360 Colorado Ave. Moore, remodel kitchen, $20,100

Menlo Park

1020 Whitney Drive G. Howell, pool demolition, $15,000

333 Ravenswood Ave. Stanford Research Institute, replacing air handler and condenser units, $50,000; install canopy over electrical switch gear, $14,850

620 Sand Hill Circle J. Walsh, termite repairs on porch, $5,000

1075 Arbor Road R. Erwan, voluntary seismic upgrade, $5,700

461 Burgess Drive K. Hopkins, re-roofing, $44,000

415 Olive St. R. Lipps, sewer replacement and cleanout installation, $9,100

759 Roble Ave. C. Fuery, partial re-roofing, $14,795

4 Roberts Drive R. Sege, pool remodel, $22,300

5 Bolton Place R. Basso, replace furnace, $10,500

135 East Creek Drive R. Holmes, re-roofing, $17,712

622 Laurel Ave. T. Jackson, upgrade electrical service panel, $n/a

578 Hobart St. D. Kern, voluntary seismic upgrade, $4,800

941 Continental Drive S. Ellingson, install meter and replace electrical panel, $5,000

705 Live Oak Ave. C. Jenkins, re-roofing, $10,222

824 Cambridge Ave. L. Colvin, bathroom remodel, $15,000

1060 San Mateo Drive G. Ebaugh, replace sewer line, $17,427

984 Menlo Ave. C. Malnick, remodel kitchen, bathrooms and new tile at living-room chimney, $40,000

1455 Adams Drive Raychem Corp Lessee, provide equipment anchorages, $10,000

2198 Harkins Ave. G. Thurston, 22-sq.-ft. addition to single-family home and re-roofing of entry areas, $30,000


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