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Real Estate - January 13, 2012

Building permits

Menlo Park

520 Hobart St. E. and E. Fulk, re-roof, $15,000

631 Arbor Road D. Hilberman, master bath remodel, guest-bath vanity replacement, double sink to single sink, $18,000

1148 Marcussen Drive U. and J. Block, re-roof, $25,000

222 Blackburn Ave. F. Adams, remove/replace furnace and water heater, $20,680

94 Yale Road J. McCrate, demolish house, $12,000

1051 Berkeley Ave. L. and L. Vera, replace gas water heater, $950

100 El Camino Real, Stanford Park Hotel Lessee, replace roof exhaust fan, $12,000

1047 Sonoma Ave. S. McGaraghan, 232-sq.-ft addition to a single-family residence, $75,000

66 Willow Place G. Frykberg, commercial tenant improvement (office only, non-medical), $850,000

1010 Ringwood Ave. J. Newlan and M. Wright, kitchen remodel, $10,720

25 Camp Bello Court S. Vaswani, re-roof, $14,800

625 Oak Grove Ave. 625 Oak Grove Ave. LLC, re-roof, $26,000

2311 Warner Range Ave. G. Marchi, remove water heater in order to repair gas line, $500

226 Oak Court R. Pit, replace 40-gallon water heater, $2,000

222 KcKendry Drive K. Dew, install new furnace and ducting in the attic, $5,000

5 Hesketh Court C. and C. Giordano, single-family addition of 421 sq. ft, kitchen remodel, $200,000

510 Santa Margarita Ave. P. Burke, re-roof, $17,000

107 Haight St. M. Tsutsumi, wall-furnace replacement in the same location, $1,800

360 Encinal Ave. F. Adam, water line, $2,300

883 Santa Cruz Ave. Chestnutt Follmer BLDG LLC, commercial re-roof, $49,786

200 Felton Drive J. Winslow, re-roof, $23,506

417 El Camino Real A. Schumann, new sign, $3,500

2316 Blueridge Ave. J. Rael, bath remodel and new window, $20,000

253 Marmona Drive M. Buro, upgrade electrical service to 200 amp, $1,700

100 Oak Hollow Way J. Lattin, two bath remodels, $25,000

416 Durham St. J. Yu, interior remodel, kitchen, two baths, bedroom, $100,000

525 El Camino Real MEC Menlo LLC Lessee, sign reface, $n/a

140 Campo Bello Lane R. Van, 162-sq.-ft addition to the first floor of a single-family residence, $350,00

832 Paulson Circle M. Santoro, gas line for fire pit, $

1083 Laurel St. M. Ubrain, sewerline replacement from building to property line, $4,300

300 Constitution Drive Tyco Electronics Corp., add two AT&T antennae to existing AT&T site on PG&E tower, $15,000

624 Harvard Ave. Z. Waibel, re-roof, $8,650

206 Santa Margarita Ave. A. Teal, demolish detached guest house, $2,600

380 Olive St. G. Hohl, relocate furnace to attic, new ducts, install new AC, $24,220

Palo Alto

931 Clara Drive F. Pisco, new single-family home, $611,755

723 East Charleston Road H. Chang, new patio cover, $4,500

3431 Hillview Ave. Stanford Real Estate, interior demolition, $n/a

345 Hamilton Ave. AT&T /Cesar Cruz, innovation lab expansion, install a variable refrigerant flow heat pump system, $660,000

3435 Louis Road A. Opalach, remodel kitchen and two bathrooms, replace bedroom windows, $37,000

420 Cambridge Ave. C. Homes, add roof-mounted system, $75,000

2001 Middlefield Road J. Gerritsen, remodel first floor, $174,940

532 Channing Ave. B. Sidor, repair damaged beam, $8,900

873 Clara Drive C. Corell-Price, replace windows, $18,868

3211 Ross Road H. Feng, add a rear covered patio, front fence and trellis at second-floor balcony, $45,000

410 Sheridan Ave. Massinghen Associates, demolish stucco, replace with new stucco system, $426,996

575 Hawthorne Ave. Holkurn-PA, remodel three bathrooms and electrical work, $24,000

460 Hamilton Ave. E. Hahn, work on gas fireplace, $n/a

566 Lowell Ave. Larson-Schmutz, arbor, $5,000

3704 Ortega Court M. Rosengaus, remove and replace two furnaces, $11,975

555 Byron St. J. Goity, interior remodel, $28,900

4038 Laguna Ave. S. Chin, remove chimney, $4,995

180 El Camino Real Simon Property, exterior demolition and build storefront, $30,500

900 Arastradero Road Stanford Real Estate, tenant improvement for kitchen, $450,000

734 Webster St. B. Basley, deck repair, $6,800

1010 Guinda St. E. Starr, remove and replace garage, $50,000

763 Coastland Drive F. Klass, addition, remodel one-story house, $38,121

728 La Para Ave. J. Witt, new single-family, two-story home with two-car garage, $563,000

531 Cowper St. J. Morns, remove and replace packaged rooftop air-conditioning units, $150,000

388 Curtner Ave. S. Giavannotto, residential fire repair, $110,000

344 Bryant St. T. Whitely, remove siding and apply stucco, $1,000

211 Quarry Road Stanford University, relocation of site utilities in preparation for new parking structure, $n/a

912 Forest Ave. M. Stoksik, first-floor remodel and reduce garage space, $400,000

1092 Cardinal Way S. Chokshi, living room and guest room addition, $105,000

3889 Magnolia Drive R. Young, add new garage, master bedroom, $221,900

109 Webster St. M. Hamilton, remodel kitchen and bathroom, $49,100

3181 Louis Road A. Farag, remodel and addition, $97,000

211 Heather Lane L. Raymond, replace tile around bathtub, $3,500

329 Middlefield Road M. Bollesen, replace garage, $n/a

2960 Otterson Court S. Srivastava, remodel bathroom and add door, $8,000

3720 Redwood Circle S. Cheng, remove fireplace, repair foundation and replace windows, $10,000

2170 St. Francis Drive G. Lau, add living room, guestroom and bathroom, $92,500

358 Creekside Drive B. Jones, replace bathtub with tile, $7,500

180 El Camino Real Microsoft, commercial tenant improvement of existing retail space, $3,000,000

550 Forest Ave. K. Shoemake, replace damaged structural beam, $5,000

27 Tulip Lane Z. Guan, add a master suite and a small bedroom to a single-family house, $82,000

1174 Stanley Way relocate furnace and add new laundry, $170,000

4015 Orme St. R. Kaplan, install storage shed with 120V electrical circuit, $18,500

120 Hawthorne Ave. R&M Properties, tenant improvement project, $425,000

744 Montrose Ave. P. Norvig, remove bathtub and install shower, $10,000

1565 Edgewood Drive D. Lee, build new swimming pool and spa, $40,000

1410 Middlefield Road P. Campbell, retrofit 14 windows and three doors, $19,438

3001 Bryant St. L. Lau, convert bedroom into master bedroom, $37,354

1499 Kings Lane W. Furlong, move garage forward and remodel kitchen, $52,824

2307 Harvard St. J. Cassloy, add new garage, $50,000

579 Jefferson Drive G. Hull, remodel kitchen, $24,984

855 El Camino Real demolish interior (non-structural), $n/a

812 Los Robles Ave. M. Robinton, divide garage into separated storage space, $4,200

2110 Cornell Ave. O. Petani, remove and replace fireplace, $5,500

359 Stanford Shopping Center Stanford, remodel store, $575,000

1841 Page Mill Road Lionstune Group, tenant improvement, $57,000

220 High St. High Street Solar HOA, water damage repair, $3,400

3994 2nd St. R. Huang, install new patio, $15,875

358 Fernando Ave. L. Julian, install two air handlers, $n/a

736 Kendall Ave. interior remodel, $8,000

2825 El Camino Real J. Morris, tenant improvement, $94,000

428 University Ave. Kling Associates, reconfigure existing 3rd-floor office, $150,000

801 Alma St. Palo Alto Family, temporary power supply, $13,000,000

993 Embarcadero Road Lyon, remove vanity and replace with new one, $8,500

3400 Hillview Ave. Equity Office Properties, install grid, $21,000

200 Hamilton Ave. P. Ros, rearrange layout for yogurt store, $56,000

278 University Ave. 278 University Investors, LLC, demolish existing structure and construct retail/office building, $4,025,000

3176 Porter Drive Lockheed Martin, install fiberglass clamshell dome on the roof, $45,000

3000 Hanover St. HP/Stanford, add a two-story building to corporate headquarters, $19,500,000; interior remodel for credit union, $135,000; interior remodel, $220,000; interior demolition, $n/a

611 Wildwood Lane B. Yang, remodel bathrooms, $15,000


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