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Real Estate - November 18, 2011

Building permits

Menlo Park

5 Politzer Drive M. Armstrong, re-roofing, $13,000

1077 Del Norte Ave. P. Rasmussen, replace service entrance conductors, $300

2140 Santa Cruz Ave. Menlo Common HOA, Duro-last roof overlay, $98,000

800 Middle Ave. City of Menlo Park, re-roof senior center, $100,000

1550 El Camino Real Beltramos Investment Co., install new roof, $52,215

1305 Hillview Drive J. Backlund, new bay window and install new recessed lighting, $20,000

2180 Sand Hill Road Sand Hill Road LLC, 180-sq.-ft. commercial addition, $70,000

494 Felton Drive W. Johnson, re-roof, $8,000

1100 Sharon Park Drive K. Patel, install plumbing for washer and dryer, $n/a

950 Arbor Road B. Ferrari, apartment re-roof, $12,570

10 Wood Lane L. Malquist, kitchen remodel and change out existing bay window, $50,000

20 Willow Road Z. Tanura-Saportas, remove and replace gas water heater, $749

1360 Willow Road Willow Park Holding LLC, commercial drywall repairs, $15,000

28 Palm Court L. Boenig, service upgrade, $n/a

312 Grayson Court J. Morris, 616-sq.-ft. addition to single-family home, $128,000

28 Palm Court L. Boenig, chimney retrofit for seismic upgrade, $2,800

807 Curtis St. Robeldo HOA, re-roof mansard roof, $10,377; re-roof garage #3, $2,395; re-roof garage #4, $2,394.50

807 Curtis St. D. Stilwell, re-roof garage #1, $3,193; re-roof garage #2, $3,193

580 Wallea Drive D. Matzinger, new deck and spa and arbor, $2,000

1010 El Camino Real 200 Tan I LLC, interior demolition prep for commercial tenant improvements, $12,000

1025 Marcussen Drive K. McColloch, re-roof duplex house and garage, $15,730

369 Willow Road Willow Park Holding LLC, repair underground gasline, $5,000

315 Haight St. R. and C. Mattos, kitchen remodel, $25,000

967 Continental Drive J Tornes, re-roof, $22,000

1601 Willow Road Wilson Menlo Park Campus LLC, commercial interior demolition to Building 15 on second floor, $150,000

2481 Sharon Oaks Drive K. McElvain, replace furnace and ducts, $9,025

1601 Willow Road Bldg. 17 Wilson Menlo Park Campus LLC, commercial tenant improvement, $7,000,000; bridge between 16 and 17, $n/a; Bldg. 16, commercial tenant improvement, $7,000,000

2145 Sharon Road P. Connolly, re-roof house, $15,000

820 Sharon Park Drive J. Hagerman, kitchen, family room, living room alteration, $40,000

607 Laurel Ave. B. McPhail, bathroom remodel, $1,000

1227 Middle Ave. J. Alburger, remove and replace furnace, $8,000

207 Robin Way R. Parker, voluntary seismic upgrade, $2,500

1050 Sonoma Ave. A. Serret, sewer line cleanout, $4,500

619 Laurel Ave. R. Simpkins, replace sewer pipe, $6,000

268 Marmona Drive S. Rankin, pool demolition, $5,000

171 Constitution Drive Bohannon Development Co., adding exterior duplex outlet, $800

180 Stone Pine Lane J. Mason, install new wall in master bedroom to create two rooms, $10,000

412 Chester St. H. Syrett, solar cells on rooftop, $12,000

280 Waverly St. S. Cross, sewerline replacement, $3,300

2744 San Hill Road Monte Rosa Land Company, complete demolition and tenant improvement of 1st floor, $483,650

800 Oak Grove Ave. University National Bank, installation of 16 HVAC units, $100,000

515 El Camino Real 140 MEC Menlo LLC Lessee, new sign, $n/a

521 Central Ave. P. Eunyun, new furnace in attic, $8,414

820 Laurel Ave. J. Avrach, kitchen remodel, $45,000

1019 Middle Ave. R. Schulte, photovoltaic solar system, $13,000

630 Santa Cruz Ave. C. Johnston, commercial re-roof, $38,000

1485 Laurel St. A. Berez, water heater, $1,100

1136 Almanor Ave. B. Franklin, re-roof single-family residence, $n/a

1002 Almanor Ave. A. Schumacher, service upgrade, $n/a

1205 Valparaiso Ave. D. Bregler, re-roof old roof, re-sheet with OSB, $18,720

1765 Stanford Ave. R. Hsu, remodel two bathrooms, $20,000

3885 Bohannon Drive 2885 Associates, new sign, $3,000

167 Hedge Road V. Ten, 495-sq.-ft. addition and 873-sq.-ft. alteration to single-story, single-family residence, $150,000

1171 Willow Road M. Karwash, gas leak repair, $350

1126 Castle Way M. Flaster, outdoor kitchen, gas, electrical, $15,000

326 O'Connor St. J. Shinn, re-roof, $11,000

729 Middle Ave. C. Giannotti, kitchen remodel, $15,000

845 Arbor Road A. Lundh, re-roof, $10,350

115 Hedge Road C. Mike, kitchen and bath remodel with new furnace, $40,000

1701 Stone Pine Lane S. Evenson, front deck dryrot repair, $5,000

1245 Chico St. M. Cuevas, sewerline replacement, $n/a

Palo Alto

4220 Los Palos Ave. J. Lee, add 128 sq. ft., $54,000

750 Welch Road Stanford University, tenant improvement on a vacant suite on the second floor, $112,549

998 San Antonio Ave. A. Jamali, new two-story religious facility with two apartments for visiting priests, $1,829,760

3450 Hillview Ave. Saplabs, interior demolition, $60,000

315 Hamilton Ave. C. Peng, remove and install wall, door, $6,500

1040 Lincoln Ave. J. Sally, replace windows, $11,000

509 Hale Ave. M. Lange, pool demolition, $n/a

984 California Ave., R. Stolee, interior remodel, $8,000

765 Talisman Court S. Mehndiratta, kitchen, stair, entry foyer, bedrooms and bathrooms remodel, $117,638

180 El Camino Real Fish Six Restaurant Corporation, construction of a fast casual counter service restaurant and build handicap accessible seating, bathroom and aisle, $350,000

4237 Ponce Drive B. Sawyer, remodel kitchen and add LED lighting, $33,120

1528 College Ave. E. Thomson, two-story addition and interior remodeling, $154,284

1860 Newell Road R. Baumgartner, replace shower, $6,500

1625 Middlefield Road X. Huang, kitchen remodel and electric service upgrade, $24,000

905 Middlefield Road L. Samuels, new dental office to take the place of an existing dental office, $73,150

382 University Ave. Wilber Properties, tenant improvement, $10,000

436 Lincoln Ave. Tomlinson, new pool and spa, $112,500

375 Parkside Drive M. Kass, interior partitions to add bedroom, $8,500

3374 Ramona St. Q. Ling, pool demolition, $n/a

555 Hamilton Ave. W3 Partners, remodel existing tenant space, $300,000

1040 East Meadow Circle demolition of interior, $n/a

103 Santa Rita Ave. C. Hsu, electric panel upgrade, installation of forced air heating, $15,000

780 Stone Lane T. Li, kitchen, bathroom remodel, $24,000

2230 Ramona St. Ramkumar, construct new single-family house, $900,000

664 Wellsbury Way L. Frahm, install two electric sky lights and five LED lights, $8,000

4167 Hubbartt Drive P. Eng, new two-story addition and remodel first floor, $433,969

4257 Mackay Drive B. Wachs, master bedroom remodel, $24,000

4015 Orme St., R. Kaplan, remove old pool and install new pool, $49,000

118 Kellogg Ave. S. Trikha, new two-story residence and one detached garage, $476,666

101 Alma St. P. Rolland, remodel three bathrooms, $16,400

1001 Page Mill Road 495 Java Dr. Association, interior demolition, $n/a

3403 Hillview Ave. Stanford Real Estate, install emergency power generator, enlarge utility yard enclosure on office campus, $750,000

952 Colonial Lane T. Marquart, kitchen and bathroom remodel, $49,500

777 Christine Drive F. Wang, interior remodel, $35,292

1437 Hamilton Ave. B. Moffit, new covered, unenclosed patio, $25,000

555 Washington Ave. Rumelhart, roof-top solar installation, $n/a

217 Alma St., Mortgage Investors, install two wall signs, $n/a

320 Kipling St. Hakansson, replace damaged kitchen cabinets and install new shower, $17,100

2767 Greer Road D. Friday, add new master bathroom, remodel existing bathroom, $16,676

180 El Camino Real tenant improvement, $39,000

3498 Janice Way O. Matthay, install skylight, $1,200

3500 Louis Road C. Krebber, install skylight, $1,500

325 Lytton Ave. TTC Partners, add three new offices, $38,000


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