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Real Estate - September 2, 2011

Building permits

Menlo Park

575 Morey Drive B. Dempsey, remove and replace one patio door and two windows, $6,966

518 Concord Drive M. Loeb, new two-story single-family home, $560,000

1350 Willow Road Willow Park Holdings, electrical system upgrades, $25,000

6 Coleman Place J. Pollack, kitchen remodel, $7,500

412 O'Keefe St. M. Houman, replace furnace and install new AC, $6,000

2260 Sharon Road C. Grammar, re-roof, $11,802

1200 N. Lemon Ave. S. Wastie, fire pit, $2,000

7 Robert S. Drive J. Weiner, pool remodel, $65,000

505 Concord Drive D. Tucker, addition with new second story, $400,000

600 Kenwood Drive K. Holch, single-family residential remodel, $20,000

820 Laurel Ave. replace window/Sheetrock master bedroom, $7,500

400 Ravenswood Ave. A. Chan, remove and replace circuit breaker, $1,000

1110 Santa Cruz Ave. Archdiocese of S.F, commercial re-roof, $170,000

1030 Florence Lane Ferrari Properties, re-roof, $9,000

291 Linfield Drive Brunner & Halfback, remodel bathrooms, $20,000

1797 Stanford Ave. H. Zeprun, new pool and spa, $64,000

525 El Camino Real Safeway Inc., install floor sink for new refrigerators, $15,000

347 Trenton Way G. Mandelstam, residential fireplace box, $4,500

120 Cornell Road D. Moskovitz, re-roof old shakes, $14,806

1014 Hobart St. P. Pavey, remove old water heater and replace, $4,000

1320 Delfino Way B. Figley, replace water heater, $1,376

1040 Almanor Ave. J. Davis, replace rear wall of house, $40,000

1318 Chilco St. T. Dorsey, re-roof house and garage, $2,500

1342 Chilco St. T. Dorsey, re-roof, $2,500

648 Santa Cruz Ave. J.P Morgan Chase Bank, new sign, $2,750

605 Wallea Drive J. Caletti, install new electrical panel, $900

275 Middlefield Road Middlefield Park, open areas into enclosed file room, $80,000

545 Middlefield Road McCandless-Triad, commercial tenant improvement, $119,285

305 Constitution Drive Tyco Electronics Crop, relocation of gas piping, $55,000

5 Claremont Place J. Rogers, partial bath remodel, $19,000

4700 Bohannon Drive WSC Menlo Oaks Investors, exterior alteration to comply with parking regulations, $12,000

4100 Bohannon Drive WSC Menlo Oaks Investors, exterior alteration to comply with parking regulations, $7,500

461 Burgess Drive K. Hopkins, remove and replace two bathrooms, $20,000

1055 Valparaiso Ave. W. Grafstrom, bath remodel, $9,000

2225 Sharon Road M. Oyster, remove and replace furnace, $4,975

610 Gilbert Ave. Wood Willow HOA, re-roof apartment complex and garage, $36,250

351 Barton Place S. Daly, replace section of sewer line, $6,400

205 Hanna Way R. Eustace, replace furnace and AC, $8,200

333 Ravenswood Ave. Stanford Research Institute, new fume hood, $11,000

108 Chester St. R. Freitas, bath remodel, $15,000

1040 Wallea Drive R. Quintana, swimming pool fill in, $7,000

1229 Whitaker Way K. Singh, re-roof garage and house, $25,000

1071 Noel Drive Shipway Investment Company, kitchen remodel, $5,500

734 Middle Ave. M. Nye, window installment, $n/a

841 Partridge Ave. L. Macchello, re-roof, $18,000

1330 Trinity Drive J. Hazelrig, permit for previously installed AC, $500

2051 Menalto Ave. G. Richardson, install electric equipment, $1,389

1205 Hamilton Court AMB Property LP, voluntary seismic retrofit, $125,000

1600 El Camino Real S. Fuller, new sign, $25,000

269 Santa Margarita Ave. O. Tinoco, remodel kitchen and replace sewer line, $6,000

1095 Trinity Drive M. Jacobson, seismic bracing, $9,500

376 McKendry Drive S. Curtis, replace garage floor and new water heater, $84,000

501 Laurel St. City of Menlo Park, new gymnastics center, $8,500,000

485 Cotton St. R. Robinett, new pool and spa, $115,680

1555 Middle Ave. S. Tazuke, partial bathroom remodel to shower and tub area, $8,000

580 Cotton St. D. Spiegel, deconstruct single-family residence, $19,000

883 Middle Ave. E. Houck, service upgrade to 100, $1,500

1300 Trinity Drive M. Anderson, residential remodel, $162,000

1207 Madera Ave. M. Baskauskas, addition to residential home, $52,000

2140 Santa Cruz Ave. L. Johnson, bath remodel and update kitchen outlets, $15,000

600 Coleman Ave. Z. Yang, replace old deck, $7,000

1807 Oakdell Drive one-bedroom guest house, $150,000

2140 Santa Cruz L. Johnson, bath remodel and kitchen update, $15,000

198 Oak Court J. Casey, addition and remodel of single-family residence, $275,000

1020 Berkeley Ave. C. Anderson, addition to an accessory building, $43,000

1455 Adams Drive Raychem Corporation, conversion of one lab into two, $20,000

309 Constitution Tyco Electronics Crop, commercial re-roof, $106,000

409 Encinal Ave. R. Altman, repair sewer pipe, $5,900

2242 Sharon Road L. Jung, remove and replace water heater, $1,354

330 Hermosa Way L. Hoffman, remove and replace water heater, $1,279

10 Reyna Place T. Furst, re-roof, $23,500

241 Princeton Road C. Aguilar, kitchen and bath remodel, $50,000

309 Yale Road D. Rothermel, single-story addition of 412 sq ft, $225,000

7 Robert Drive J. Weiner, remodel entryway, $30,000

7 Helen Place C. Veenhuyzen, remove and replace skylights, $8,300

111 Yale Road J. Curran, voluntary seismic upgrade, $5,000

1701 Stone Pine Lane D. Nguyen, re-roof, $6,900

1025 Del Norte Ave. R. Marshall, single-family residential remodel, $10,000

Palo Alto

395 Page Mill Road Whisman Ventures, landscaping and backyard appliance improvements, $n/a

258 Tennyson Ave. D. Madned, new detached garage, $11,276

984 S. California Ave. R. Stolet, bathroom remodel, $10,000

1841 Page Mill Road The Lionstone Group, soft demolition of interior walls and ceilings, $n/a

1461 Dana Ave. A. Sidana, attic remodel and vertical addition, $30,000

1780 Newell Road F. Huang, home demolition and rebuilding, $450,000

689 Josina Ave. P. Devine and L. Jiang, entry remodel/addition, family room addition, and kitchen remodel, $300,000

3077 Middlefield Road B. Li, kitchen and bathroom remodel and new lighting, $40,200

324 Waverley St. T. Chou, kitchen relocation and new outlets, $6,004

180 El Camino Real non-structural interior demolition, $n/a

1163 Guinda St. L. and P. Bellardo, garage remodel, $30,000

3396 Kipling St. Y. Yang, new two-story single-family home and attached garage, $418,500

145 Hamilton Ave. 575 High St., LLC, interior non-structural demolition, $n/a

259 Coleridge Ave. S. Liu and M. Ou, interior modification, $68,000

1256 College Ave. J. Hahn, sewer-pipe repair and replacement, $n/a

1501 Page Mill Road HP/Stanford, exterior improvements, $35,000

777 San Antonio Road Larrabee, bathroom remodel and electrical improvements, $15,000

947 Celia Drive B. Musharruf, bedroom and bathroom remodeling, $46,000

2796 Louis M. Wen, remodel and addition, $206,000

260 Miramonte Ave. V. Joseph, garage renovation, $n/a

167 Hamilton Ave. Lyfe Kitchen, new tenant improvements, $455,000

3209 Morris Drive J. Lin and J. Zhou, additions and removal of porch and detached garage, $73,000

719 Northampton Drive J. Santana, interior remodel and addition, $200,000

1509 Edgewood Drive C. and R. Goumas, master bedroom closet addition, $28,298

3788 Fabian Way Dry Creek Properties, bathroom remodel and plumbing improvements, $54,160

800 Welch Road Stanford University Lands and Buildings (H. Cipres-Palacin), three-story medical office research building, $10,500,000

1050 Arastradero Road L. Blackwood, interior laboratory renovation, $219,500

818 Cowper Ave. S. Levett, addition of sub-panels, $n/a

717 Elsworth Place J. and K. Hong, kitchen remodel and upgrades, $21,200

180 El Camino Real (Stanford Shopping Center) C. Frandsen, new tenant improvements, $180,975

247 Alma Place Creative Initiative Foundation, tenant improvements, $14,120

66 Morton S. and B. Budelli, master-bedroom addition, $125,000

3945 Nelson Drive E. Keller, added gas line from meter to new appliances, $n/a

7298 Loma Verde Ave. S. Stack, kitchen remodel and electric sub-panel replacement, $54,850

1837 Bret Harte C. Kessinger, bedroom and bathroom addition and garage remodel, $90,000

2600 El Camino Real A. Deaton, interior non-structural demolition, $n/a

962 Moreno Ave. K. and H. Ng, patio wall improvements, $n/a

299 S. California Ave. interior demolition and build-up, $13,000

2131 Barbara Drive A. and K. Ardeshna, single-family home, $778,387

228 Maclane J. Wasserman, addition and remodel, $n/a

3881 Corina Way A. Keller, extensive interior remodeling, $62,000

160 Island Drive T. Cheung, construction of detached carport, $21,000

1121 Emerson M. Deitsch, bathroom remodel, $8,000

3340 Kenneth Drive G. and G. Katsav, kitchen remodel, $15,000

628 Greer Road K. Porter, new pipe cleanout, $n/a

1510 Emerson D. Fife, kitchen remodel, $8,000

904 Webster St. Probash, install new skylights and bathroom fans, $4,000

560 Channing St. Probash, install new skylights and bathroom fans, $4,000

3251 Hanover St. Lockheed Martin, install new cryogenerator and associated process piping and electrical, $40,000

611-623 Emerson St. Vivre Studios, interior modifications and minor electrical work, $25,428

3176 Porter Drive Lockheed Martin, install clean room, $45,000

559 Everett Ave. Gorbunova, remodel and addition, $254,000; new one-car garage, $11,500

336 Byron St. Harding, voluntary foundation improvements, $35,000

160 Island Drive T. Cheung, new house with basement, $850,000

1313 Newell Road City of Palo Alto, renovations to building systems, children's courtyard, added parking, $3,800,000

880 Mockingbird Lane W. and M. Stocker, kitchen renovations, $10,460

3045 South Court R. Sethi, new single-family residence, $750,000

180 El Camino Real California Pizza Kitchen, conversion to full, sit-down restaurant, $350,000

471 Emerson St. Magnet System, sub-panel improvements, $n/a

4190 El Camino Real A. Simms, restroom modernization, $40,000

180 El Camino Real Yucca De Lac Corp., restaurant, $400,000

354 Embarcadero Road K. Salresen, additions and remodels, $62,000

4190 El Camino Real A. Simms, new lighting/power, $20,000

363 Tennessee D. Wilkinson, kitchen and bathroom remodel and window refitting, $10,000

851 Warren Way J. Yau, home demolition and rebuilding, $420,000

1454 Hamilton Ave. P. Kadivar and S. Gunn, interior remodeling, $69,000

4009 Miranda Affymax, existing tenant improvements, $18,500

3888 Corina Way M. and A. Wong, one-story addition, $95,000

81 Encina M. and J. Frost, skylight replacement, $216

3500 Deer Creek Road Stanford University, installation of assembly robot, $50,000; installation of bridge crane, $60,000

167 Hamilton Roxy Rapp, n/a, $125,000

585 N. California Ave. H. Shacham, new two-story residence, $851,000; new detached one-car garage, $11,000

450 Kingsley Ave. M. Chamberlain, open trellis, $15,200

1095 Moreno Ave. G. Liu, convert garage to living space and add carport, $80,000

221 High St. N. Hlana, walkway subsystem removal and repair, $8,000

707 Middlefield Road J. and C. Langston, bathroom remodel with added skylight, $40,000

1654 Portola Ave. Olson, repair termite-damaged framing, $11,000

1351 Dana Ave. R. and C. Meyer, garage remodel, $15,600

755 Loma Verde R. Albrecht, kitchen remodel, $16,000

3375 Hillview Ave. Stanford Hospital, replace and upgrade chemical storage unit, $100,000

157 S. California Ave. F. Mello, bathroom addition, $17,000

616 Ramona St. #3 M. and J. Meyer, tenant improvements, $200,000

2377 Ramona St. William Frank, new deck, $8,500

575 High St. 575 High Street LLC, installing CO control system in garage, $4,500

3000 Hanover St. HP/Stanford, annex parking lot, retaining wall, and site lighting, $2,500,000


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