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Real Estate - August 6, 2010

Building permits

Menlo Park

1605 Adams Drive A Menlo Business Park, commercial alteration to four new private offices on the second floor, $40,000

186 Seminary Drive R. Denholm, new firepit, $5,000

1455 Adams Drive Menlo Business Park, commercial alteration to replace three rooftop units and add two rooftop HVAC units, $120,000; Raychem Corp, one new rooftop HVAC package unit with one replace rooftop Hvac package unit north east corner, $35,000

331 Santa Margarita Ave. L. & R. Roth, sewerline replacement, $3,569

116 O'Connor St. S. Thoke, service upgrade, $3,000

1384 Carlton Ave. D. Foreman, electrical service upgrade, $n/a

120 Santa Margarita Ave. Santa Margarita Property, sewer-line replacement, $3,500

333 Ravenswood Ave. Stanford Research Institute, commercial alteration to building, $92,900

1921 Oakdell Drive R. Raji, pool remodel, $47,135

730 Creek Drive A. Folker, re-roof garage, $11,764

341 Sherwood Way R. Griffin, add three electrical outlets and one exterior light, $n/a

134 Sand Hill Circle A. Nancy, kitchen remodel, remove and replace, $25,000

1605 Bay Laurel Drive M. Zarcone, master suite remodel including bath and hallway enlargement, $80,000

611 College Ave. S. Mohsenzadegan, new two-story, single-family resident, $588,000

610 Gilbert Ave. #06 S. Nevins, re-roof, $21,000

610 Gilbert Ave. #07 J. Kaman, re-roof, $20,000

752 Gilbert Ave. B. Speramsk, re-roof, $7,000

22 Hallmark Circle D. Lowry, replace existing furnace and AC unit in the same location, $6,100

262 O'Connor St. D. Morton, foam re-roof over existing tar-and-gravel roof, $9,564

560 Vine St. L. Piper, family-room alterations, new walls, electrical insulation and drywall, $18,220

390 O'Connor St. S. Spieth, voluntary foundation retrofit, $9,000

2 Alder Place K. Shah, replace 75-gallon water heater, $1,800

4400 Bohannon Drive WSC Menlo Oaks Investors, commercial tenant improvement, suite 100, $890,000

4500 Bohannon Drive WSC Oaks Investors, commercial tenant improvement, $770,000

705 Elizabeth Lane Bethan Management, new gas and electric meter for the common area, $5,000

680 Sharon Park Drive Unit 33R. Spieker, remodel kitchen , two baths and laundry, $18,780

440 Ravenswood Ave. A. Chan, deck repair, $12,000

320 Lexington Drive J. Bloom, photovoltaic solar system, $18,000

1750 Holly Ave. J. Muhlner, 500-sq.-ft. addition to single-family residence, $300,000

1490 O'Brien Drive Menlo Business Park, demo cabinets, autoclave, steam generator, equipment, $4,000

864 Arbor Road Gordon Mah Enterprises, re-roof, $15,850

335 Trenton Way V. Fife, re-roof, $12,755

725 Magnolia St. M. Watson, remodel bathroom, $100,000

1145 Monte Rosa Drive #U AT&T, 100 amp meter for light-speed box, $400

4 Hesketh Court M. Gerstel, re-roof, $20,476

1020 Sherman Ave. S. Westfold, re-roof, $4,970

230 Market Place T. Vanhook, photovoltaic solar system, $4,770

333 Ravenswood Ave. Stanford Research Institute, commercial tenant improvement building P, PS 318 lab, $90,000

1100 Hamilton Court AMB Property, replace existing 400W high bay light fixtures to 320W, $3,000

900 Cambridge Ave. T. Wandless, new 427-sq.-ft. detached garage, $n/a; single-story addition of 235 sq. ft. and second- story addition of 143 sq. ft., $47,000

1062 Sonoma Ave. J. Penagos, re-roof, $6,500

1145 Bay Laurel Drive pre-fab spa, $n/a

1150 Hollyburne Ave. F. Akin, service upgrade, $n/a

1145 Hillview Drive R. Riggs, 200-amp electrical service upgrade, $400

2319 Crest Lane A. Liston, demo residence, $14,900

184 Sand Hill Circle R. Moore, furnace replacement, $2,815

899 Hamilton Ave B. Crisp, interior remodel, $76,000

1271 Carlton Ave. D. Hill, 209-sq.-ft. bedroom addition, $80,000

970 Cloud Ave. S. Tolle, re-roof garage, $1,000; re-roof house, $4,472

389 Oak Court R. Hall, interior remodel, $15,000

501 Laurel St. City of Menlo Park, remove and replace boiler and water storage tank main floor Burgess Gym, $64,750

1315 Trinity Drive K. Grobman, photovoltaic solar system, $46,900

1030 Siskiyou Drive R. Quiros, bath remodel, remove and replace, $6,000

1111 Cotton St. N. Harris, sewer-line replacement, $2,000

333 Ravenswood Ave. Stanford Research Institute, commercial alteration to building P, $483,900; installation of a portable clean booth for building P, $10,000

1015 Windsor Drive FSW 2 Development, new 3,591-sq.-ft. single-family house with a 1708-sq.-ft. basement, $1,059,800; demolish house, $9,600

179 Stone Pine Lane R. Barnes, re-roof, $3,000

1140 Hamilton Court AMB Property, remove and replace lighting, switches and outlets to energy-efficient fixtures, $10,000

820 Magnolia St. M. Hsieh, bathroom remodel, $10,000

187 Seminary Drive M. Cassidy, 176-sq.-ft. addition to single-family residence, $48,000

640 College Ave. J. Seifel, remodel bathroom and add two dormers, $40,000

1160 Pine St. C. & M. Moran, remove and replace windows, $15,000

1787 Santa Cruz Ave. D. Emms, re-roof, $2,400

1272 Madera Ave. W. David, electrical panel upgrade, $n/a

845 Pierce Road N. Singh, apartment re-roof, $3,800

12 Greenwood Place L. Hernandez, re-roof, $8,800

170 Pine View Lane S. Jacobs, re-roof house, $14,100

9 Politzer Drive R. Llewellyn, bathroom remodel, $5,000

1555 Adams Drive A Menlo Business Park, a commercial tenant improvement-spec space, $130,000

1075 Lemon St. T. Rose, install a pipe burst from house foundation to property line and install clean out valves, $3,000

333 Ravenswood Ave. Stanford Research Institute, installation of doors, corridor 107 and modify heater in building, $12,000

1350 Cotton St. M. Day, remove and replace furnace and AC, $10,000

170 Middlefield Road Menlo Park Fire Protection Dist, pitched roof only remove shakes and install GAF-GIK timerbline high definition fiberglass shingles, $26,480


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