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Real Estate - June 11, 2010

Building permits

Menlo Park

729 Middle Ave. C. Giannotti, replace 40 gallons water heater, $1,700

333 Princeton Road H. Jespersen, replace water heater, $1,400; photovolcaic solar system, $20,000

1330 University Drive R. Marshall, remove and replace six antennas, $18,000

309 Gilbert Ave. M. Squires, remove and replace one rafter, $1,200

590 Laurel St. K. Edwards, replace water heater, $829

760 Sharon Park Drive E. & S. Butler, add 117 square feet to residence, $50,000

1120 Crane St. M. Tsai, sewer line repair, $600

1380 Willow Road AMB Property, red tag — commercial tenant improvement — new offices, conference rooms, restrooms, $1,187,000

380 Willow Road R. Revuelt, first-floor addition of 320 square feet to residence, $60,000

1271 Carlton Ave. D. Hill, interior wall and clean up to residence, $8,000

1303 Johnson St. J. Berkes, first- and second-story addition of 1641.5 square feet living space, 672 square feet garage addition and a remodel of 1,760 square feet to residence, $1,200,000; pool demo, $8,000

720 Santa Cruz Ave. L. Miller, commercial re-roof, $25,000

754 Hamilton Ave. M. Seales, new wall furnace, $1,500

308 Lennox Ave. M. Nelson, 2,519 square-feet addition and remodel of residence, $800,000

390 Cotton St. S. Harrick, new outdoor barbecue, $1,750

9 Claremont Plaza D. & M. Gilsdorf, replace water heater, $1,195

440 Santa Margarita Ave. J. Phelan, 205-square-feet addition to residence, $138,475

1325 Hoover St. C. Hayes, create two new archways, $2,400; remove and replace wood deck, $3,200

2884 Sand Hill Road CLPF-Sand Hill Commons, swap out existing three antennas, $10,000

923 Continental Drive N. Gisele, restore power to pool and water fountain, $1,000

654 Hermosa Way C. John, sweep gravel and clean debris from roof with spray applied foam and coating, $6,148

10 Reyna Plaza T. Furst, replace sewer lateral, $1,500

20 Oak Hollow Way W. Cui, re-roof, $14,000

112 Chester St. photovoltaic solar system, $52,142

333 Burgess Drive City of Menlo Park, break-room cabinet replacement including new sink, $11,790

515 Bay Road J. Fernandez, re-roof, $6,500

104 Sand Hill Circle J. St. Georges, remodel kitchen and three bathrooms, living room and 20 windows, $n/a

915 Christopher Way T. Norman, replace water heater, $700

324 Chester St. P. Montgomery, upgrade electrical service with 200-amp service, $1,500

1055 Oakland Ave. G. & M. Bramlett, replace sewer lateral, $4,850

1049 Sonoma Ave. S. Woo, alter kitchen and bedroom closets conversion into a bathroom, $45,000

210 Laurel St. J. Greer, kitchen and two baths remodel, $55,000

5 Whitney Court M. Katz, re-roof, $25,000

423 Central Ave. A. Tjernlund, new 364-square-feet detached structure, $40,000

416 Waverley St. 3 M. Fayer, 30-gallon water heater, $1,200

190 E. O'Keefe St. 14 M. Borrego, re-roof, $11,950

1270 Sharon Park Drive Sharon Park HOA, re-roof, remove existing shakes, install presidential TL shingles, $25,353

1260 Sharon Park Drive Sharon Park HOA, re-roof, remove existing shakes, install presidential TL shingles, $29,778

1250 Sharon Park Drive Sharon Park HOA, re-roof, replace existing shakes, install presidential TL shingles, $22,788

1272 Sharon Park Drive Sharon Park HOA, clubhouse re-roof, $3,456

1220 Sharon Park Drive Sharon Park HOA, re-roof, remove existing shakes, install presidential TL shingles, $24,738

1210 Sharon Park Drive Sharon Park HOA, re-roof, remove existing shakes, install presidential TL shingles, $19,062

1240 Sharon Park Drive Sharon Park HOA, re-roof, remove existing shakes, install presidential TL shingles, $24,282

471 Sherwood Way J. Johnson, residential re-roof, $17,664

322 Hedge Road O. Petry, foam re-roof, $2,893

1210 Almanor Ave. A. Tonga, replace water heater, $600

955 Oak Lane T. Maestrini, re-roof, $12,000

1420 Mills Court P. Collins, shower-pan repair with new floor and wall tile, $6,000

955 Alma St. Menlo Business Park, commercial tenant improvement, wall changes, $12,000

1185 Rosefield Way J. Fox, sewer repair, $4,400

955 Alma St. RayChem Corp Lessee, minor tenant improvment, 260 sq. ft., $19,000

25 La Loma Drive H. & V. Cohn, water heater, $1,800

1395 Corinne Lane R. Flax, re-roof, $15,000

234 Santa Margarita Ave. W. & S. Lee, residential re-roof, $13,530

515 El Camino Real Christensen Fund, new sign, $n/a

1107 Sevier Ave. R.Middel, remodel interior, enclose carport, remodel kitchen and bath, add deck and trellis, $20,000

1445 Bay Laurel Drive M. Young, front-yard fence columns/picket fence, $5,000

2775 Sand Hill Road Addison Wesley Pub, emergency generator enclosure, $223,429

458 Laurel St. R. Wachs, sewer replacement, $7,585

1036 College Ave. P. Mazonson, re-roof, $17,000

2356 Branner Drive J. Richardson, re-roof, $27,350

4040 Campbell Ave. D. Deerfield, commercial tenant improvement for Chemgenex, $45,000

1555 Adams Drive Menlo Business Park, commercial tenant improvement, $55,000

937 Middle Ave. M. Hemmerling, gas-line installation, $1,600

1047 El Camino Real M. Fischtein, replace existing awning, $1,500

8 Hermosa Place D. Holden, floor heater replacement, $n/a

1875 Oak Ave. D. Lewis, repair 100 sq feet of sheathing damage to roof and one rafter, $5,000

540 Gilbert Ave. S. Martha, 152-sq.-ft. addition and 378-sq.-ft. remodel to a single-family residence, $150,000

1628 Stanford Ave. B. Laport, new spa and barbecue, $10,000

1330 University Drive 71 E. Kimball, kitchen and bath remodel, $33,770

1098 Hamilton Ave. AMB Property, red tag commercial tenant improvement, $225,000

15 Susan Gale Court C. Castro, complete demolition of two adjacent townhomes, $20,000

166 Willow Road S. & J. Mack, water heater, $2,062

655 Roble Ave. Wildmann Properties, voluntary seismic retrofit, $40,000

2800 Sand Hill Road Sand Hill Oak partners, commercial tenant improvement, $85,000

1050 Hamilton Court AMB Property, new sign, $966

851 Valparaiso Ave. B. McLaughlin, water heater, $1,215

198 Sand Hill Road A. Morris, remodel two bathrooms, $20,000

440 Ravenswood Ave. A. Chan, replace 80-gallon water heater, $4,657

750 Monte Rosa Ave. repair damage to front two bedrooms, $38,000

124 Princeton Road K. & M. Crawford, remove and replace French door, window, and add tile around the top of parapet wall, $18,000

1555 Adams Drive Menlo Business Park, a commercial interior demo, $10,000

1300 Middle Ave. W. Mince, bath remodel, $20,000

106 Clover Lane N. Becker, furnace replacement, $3,500

1100 Cotton St. R. Yang, furnace replacement, $4,107

740 Monte Rosa Drive K. Imatani, replace door, remove siding and replace with stucco, $28,000

340 Nova Lane R.Wilson, remodel kitchen, bath, and dining room, $50,000

115 Walnut St. F. Norma, replace attic furnace, $6,358

8 Anderson Way M. Trail, solar photovoltaic system, $55,925

705 Hobart St. C. Grover, bath remodel and change side-by-side washer/dryer, $6,000

300 Linfield Drive F. Landry, add 91 sq feet and interior remodel, $100,000

611 College Ave. S. Mohsenzadegam, temporary power pole, $1,000

1117 Madera Ave. J. Molina, re-roof, $ 5,000

330 Central Ave. S. Schmidt, re-roof, $6,000

2001 Menalto Ave. R. Benito, sewer lateral replacement, $7,100

2199 Clayton Drive demolition of single-family house, $26,000

827 Fremont St. K. Efron, roof repair and siding repair, includes repair to window and Sheetrock ceiling, $4,000

48 Callie Lane H. Seow, sweep gravel, clean debris, spray applied foam and coating, $6,600


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