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Real Estate - May 28, 2010

Building permits

Menlo Park

1975 Avy Ave. S. Gilbert, copper re-pipe and new water-service line, $5,000

2339 Crest Lane J. Benkoski, water heater, $995

430 Blake St. Deebek LLC, bath remodel, $3,000

740 Creek Drive S. Peters, repair electrical service, $2,500

1020 Windermere Ave. K. Cullinene, remodel kitchen and two baths, $15,000

284 Santa Margarita Ave. J. Crowe, 340-sq.-ft. detached garage, $20,000

1245 Rosefield Way J. Taylor, furnace change out, $4,725

1143 Woodland Ave. D. Slood, sewer-line replacement, $n/a

719 Hermosa Way D. Fisher, temp power pole, $n/a

750 Monte Rosa Drive H. Stockman, demolish front part of house damaged by accident, $n/a

441 Laurel St. C. Taser, replace water heater, $835

471 Middle Court J. Knox, replace water heater, $885

1320 Hobart St. G. Blank, roof-mounted photovoltaic solar system, $47,652

101 Yale Road H. Pollack, single-story addition of 28 sq. ft. and a second story addition of 1040 sq. ft. to basement of home, $593,000

800 Olive St. S. Bonds, relocate and upgrade main electrical panel, $1,800

805 Harvard Ave. G. Betts, install furnace in same location and new ducting, $6,500

220 Durham St. J. Martin, front façade alteration to house, $22,500

830 Cambridge Ave. K. Saifullah, shower pan repair, $3,000

16 Nancy Way J. Luff, bath remodel, $n/a

247 Oakhurst Place A. Cox, roof-mounted photovoltaic system, $23,000

1115 Santa Cruz Ave. P. Hillard, sewer repair, $1,000

215 Santa Margarita Ave. P. Stankovich, bath remodel, $15,000

1080 Klamath Drive M. Modjtehedi, bathroom remodel, $12,000

701 Laurel St. City of Menlo Park, library minor tenant improvement, $275,000

1831 Edgewood Lane N. Brash, kitchen remodel and replace, $5,000

1040 Hermosa Way MBDLM, temp power pole, $n/a; new two-story, single-family residence, $680,000

1770 Bay Laurel Drive Noguchi LLC, replace water heater with tankless, $1,060

800 Ivy Drive R. Lal, electrical service repair, $200

1119 Hollyburne Ave. US Bank, temp power pole, $200

1212 Sevier Ave. R. Orville, new single-story prefabricated house, $40,000; new detached shed, $4,400

944 Timothy Lane S. Bart, sewer replacement, $6,000

701 Middle Ave. P. Oht, electrical lights in kitchen, $2,500

Palo Alto

3772 Redwood Center G. Marriott, convert garage to living room, kitchen remodel, new foyer, new garage, $130,169

3085 Alexis Drive I. Neyman, remodel bathrooms, $20,000

2237 Waverley A. Ji, remove swimming pool, $n/a

754 Moreno Ave. O. and H. Schwarthz, kitchen remodel, $21,900

660 Ashton Ave. remodel in existing layout, $13,476

1050 Page Mill Road Facebook, Inc., build office space, café, restrooms, ADA improvements, $4,800,000

823 Oregon Ave. K. Khodi, new detached one-car garage, $10,595; single-family home, $188,704

2284 Bryant St. W. Chen, add master suite, family room, bedrooms, bathroom, reduce garage area, enlarge porch, $220,000; reduce garage size, $5,000

164 Cowper C. Lee and M. Chen, new garage, $10,529; new two-story residence with basement, $562,034

3398 El Camino Real Bldg. A Greystone Hotels, seismic strengthening, ADA upgrades, new bathroom, $98,000

3398 El Camino Real Bldg. H Greystone Hotels, seismic strengthening, ADA upgrade, $98,000

1501 Page Mill Road HP, replace transformer, $15,000

325 Lytton Ave TTT Partners III, LLC, addition of planter boxes, $50,000

470 Hamilton, Windeler Bldg. Phyllis Windeler Trust B, improvements to interior and exterior commercial building, $73,000

3211 Stockton Place B. Shekhar, extend living room, relocate entry door, new porch, $20,748

3679 Bryant St. D. Rose, two-story addition, enclose garage, $283,662

620 Sand Hill Road, unit 122E Classic Residence by Hyatt, remediation of fire and water damage, replace Sheetrock, $40,000

620 Sand Hill Road, unit 121 E Classic Residence by Hyatt, remediation of fire and water damage, replace sheetrock, $20,000

640 Kendall Ave. J. Boyle, re-roofing, $15,700

3397 Ramona St. L. Sweeney, re-roofing, $19,000

223 Cowper Susenieki, re-roofing, $8,000

260 Sheridan Ave. Courthouse Plaza Co., H. Hohbach, install wireless equipment, $25,000

763 Coastland Drive F. Klass, family-room addition, $33,959

2500 Sandalwood Court ACW Management, re-roofing, $19,250

705 High St. Bleibler Properties, new interior walls, new lighting, new ceiling, modify mechanical HVAC, $115,000

780 Loma Verde Ave. R. Prasad, kitchen and family room remodel, electric panel upgrade, $60,000

4090 El Cerrito Road E. Thomson, replace patio doors, $11,000

101 Alma, unit 303 I. Kaufman, remodel bathroom, $19,000

555 Jackson Drive L. Jiang, interior remodel, re-roofing, new water heater and furnace, $160,000

4127 Wilkie Court M. Bonilla and R. Bonilla Trust, remodel bathrooms, $16,979

749 Seneca St. D. and A. Hagan, kitchen remodel, two-story addition, interior remodel, $109,112

3500 Deer Creek Road Trustees of Stanford, interior improvements, $1,742,173

3325 St. Michael Drive B. Marathon, repair sewer line, re-tile shower, $2,800

3631 Evergreen Drive B. and M. Tivol, interior demolition, new nursery, study, storage space, $83,761

525 University Ave. PAOC LLC, replace antennas, install cables, install bus bar, $20,000

3737 La Calle Court P. Shrikhude and S. Rajagopalan, new detached unit with bathroom, $105,428

541 Fulton St. G. Hoefs, kitchen and bathroom remodel, $30,000

3626 South Court M. Chen, interior remodel, kitchen and living room additions, $63,350

1120 Parkinson Ave. S. Fodor, renovate kitchen, bathroom and sunroom, $70,000

3700 El Camino Real KSS Investments, install temporary directorial sign, $608.80

756 Garland Drive T. DeBretagne, install windows, $4,653

2449 Waverley St. J. Quita, whole house remodel, $384,269


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