"PacificMusical Societ;yBenefit"

The PMS Winter Gala Featured a number of Musical Performances including Robert Chien on violin Alex Chien on piano, soprano Hope Briggs and James Meredith on piano with the Young Musicians Choral Orchestra (low-incoome students in the Bay Area whom the Society benefits). Angel Awards for dedication on behalf or the Society were presented to Emi Sunahara and Ann Reid and Donors toasted the President John McCarthy who was unable to attend as was ill. The Photo is of Dixi Mahy, Claudia Landivar 1st Vice-President, Halim Haiby board member and Susan Stauter Guest of Honor who enjoyed the Benefit with Strolling Supper and auction. ` - Dec 8, 2013

Submitted by bobbi bon on Dec 18, 2013