Jordy Mont-Reynaud

"Deer Impressions"
Special Youth Award

Jordy Mont-Reynaud doesn't consider himself much of an outdoorsman.

So he wasn't exactly thrilled when his mom asked him to go hiking a few months ago. "My mom dragged me on a hike, and I don't like hiking."

That hike, however, could be the impetus for a promising pastime. While on it, he snapped off "Deer Impressions," which earned Mont-Reynaud a special youth award in the Weekly's photo contest.

Mont-Reynaud, a 14-year-old student at Gunn High School, took up photography less than two years ago, when a friend loaned him a camera.

Eventually, another friend sold him a camera he could call his own. Since then, he has taken hundreds of pictures and two photography classes at Gunn.

As for his winning photo, Mont-Reynaud speaks modestly, saying it was more an accident than an inspiration. "It was pretty early, around nine or 10," he said. "The light was coming in in weird places. I just grabbed my camera and shot it."

The photo shows vibrant bursts of light shining through the tangled trees, a varied depth to the image and a lone deer in the middle of the show.

He didn't use any special filters or techniques. The photo came together by using a zoom lens and taking the shot from an uphill perspective.

Mont-Reynaud is not a stranger to photo contests. In addition to the Weekly's competition, he entered "Deer Impressions" in a contest at Hidden Villa in Los Altos Hills, where he won a junior award.

--Jennifer Cole