22nd Annual Palo Alto Weekly Photo Contest
Third Place, Bay Area Images - Adult

"Speeding from Oakland to San Francisco"

By Deborah Plumley

Artist Statement:

I take photographs that simplify and amplify beauty in form and color.

In this image of San Francisco from an Oakland Bart station on a rainy night, the lines of the wet tracks lead the viewer to the skyline of San Francisco nestled below the clouds. The photograph also draws impact from the layering that is typical of a strong cityscape/ landscape -- the tracks of Bart, the silhouette of the trees, the line of the bay, and the city skyline. Additional impact is achieved from the simplicity of the colors: the various shades of blue contrasting with the lights (of the track, of the parking garage below, and of the city in the distance).

So I strived to amplify the power and beauty of this cityscape by simplifying the form (leading lines, distinct layers) and also simplifying the color (shades of blue interspersed with dramatic lights).

Judge's Comment:

Deborah Plumley's "Speeding from Oakland to San Francisco," which took third place, also achieves power through simplification. Only the important elements -- the tracks, the cityscape beyond -- are shown in detail. I especially like how the stream of car headlights and the two sets of tracks all curve in toward the same vanishing point, just below the City, a distant goal in the evening haze.

— David Hibbard

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