Photo Contest 2011

20th Annual
Palo Alto Weekly Photo Contest
3rd Place, Bay Area Images
Youth 17 and Under


By Caroline Ebinger

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Artitst's Statement

While Santana Row is known for its wealth of boutiques, shops and restaurants, the design of the shopping center is a masterpiece in itself. Along the would-be empty sides of buildings, old doors and window grates hang in overlooked beauty. I, like most shoppers, tended to pass by these hanging works of art with only the goal of shopping in mind, until, one day, my mom and I noticed the antique doors.

On my next trip to Santana Row, I brought my camera and began to shoot the wall of doors and grates. Shooting and shopping intertwined, I made my way down the main street only to discover a second trove of decorations, this one displaying only grates. Amongst all the grates was the one from the picture -- a lone, red grate with a color gradation behind it. I shot several photographs of the entire wall of grates, experimenting with angle and composition, but in the end this simple shot of only the red grate seemed to best represent the simplicity and beauty of the Santana Row displays.



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