18th Annual Palo Alto Weekly Photo Contest
Third Place, Peninsula People


By Toiya Black

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Artist's Statement

This photo was taken at a birthday party in early summer of last year. When I saw my son, Dante, put these on, I knew I had to capture this moment, for it represented everything about summertime to me: kids, fun, innocence, color and water. Who else to pull this look off than a 5-year-old who is more curious about how funny it would be to put these goggles on than about how good or bad he may look!

Judge's Comment

Toiya Black offers up a blast of summer fun in her third-place photograph, "Summertime." I loved the humor of this image: its neon colors, those enormous peepers staring at us through the goggles, the face slightly off kilter the behind the symmetrical facade of the mask.

- David Hibbard