18th Annual Palo Alto Weekly Photo Contest
Second Place, Peninsula People


"Persephone Awaiting the Springtime"
By Stan Chism

Artist's statement

"Persephone Awaiting Springtime" was inspired by a different but not separate artistic activity. I was writing a poem to commemorate a woman who was dying. She was of Norwegian descent and had raised 2 daughters with her husband. She was a fellow grandparent of our grandchildren. In my poem the central narrative that bound her life to her daughters to me and to our shared grandchildren was the myth of Demeter and Persephone. My realization of this primal narrative of the seasonal cycle of life through mother and daughter instantly brought to my memory my photo of the dormant maiden curled in a fetal posture. The idea of Persephone renewing the next generation and the generation of springtime was paired with the image.

Judge's Comment

Click on photo for larger image.

Second-place winner Stan Chism's photograph, "Persephone Awaiting the Springtime," presents a classic subject, beautifully rendered. The delicacy of the model's pose -- how her limbs fold in toward the center -- suggests the fragility of new life about to emerge. I especially like the minimalism of this image: how just enough of the tub's edge was included to suggest an enclosure.

-Dave Hibbard