15th Annual Palo Alto Weekly Photo Contest
Second Place, Youth 16 and Under


"7 Years Bad Luck"
By Tanya Wilcox

About Tanya Wilcox

This year's first place winner in the Youth 16 and Under category also came away with second place. The time and energy Tanya Wilcox, a 17-year-old Palo Alto High School junior, put into "7 Years Bad Luck" ended up paying off.

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The photo is called a contact-sheet mosaic, and Tanya first learned of the technique in a photography class at Paly. The mosaic image she saw in a course book was of a building - the photographer had taken multiple pictures of a building and pieced the negatives together on a contact sheet. Because Tanya is more interested in people than buildings, she decided to photograph a friend's friend for her piece.

"Those are easier to print, but harder to take," she said of contact-sheet mosaics.

Besides snapping into photographer mode when she's visiting her sister at New York University, Tanya enjoys shooting portraits. She doesn't have a preference for who she photographs and says she isn't necessarily inspired by a person's personality. It's more like: If you're around, she'll take your photo.

When she's not in Paly's dark room developing photos, she's likely somewhere near a pool. Tanya swims and plays water polo for Paly.



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