14th Annual Palo Alto Weekly Photo Contest
Third Place, Youth 16 and Under


"I Was Framed"
By Anna Wachtel

About Anna Wachtel

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For Gunn High School junior Anna Wachtel, it was a serendipitous decision to visit the city.

"I was in San Francisco for fun with a friend, and we were wandering through a tunnel and saw that, and thought it would make a cool picture," she said.

She took a straight shot with her Minolta single-lens reflex camera. Everything was already in place, including the message scrawled on the wall. "I thought it was an interesting combination. The wall was covered with graffiti, and that was one piece you could read well. It was an interesting light setting."

Wachtel has been taking photography for two years at Gunn, beginning in her sophomore year. She plans on continuing next year as a senior.

-- Carol Palinkas