14th Annual Palo Alto Weekly Photo Contest
First Place, Views Beyond the Peninsula


"The Kiss"
By Chris Holmes

About Chris Holmes

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Chris Holmes knows that patience pays off. The 48-year-old vice president of business development was on vacation in Bucerias, Mexico when he was "inspired by the color of the café building." He spent 30 minutes shooting the building before deciding it would better serve a photo as a backdrop, with people as the primary element.

Out of the corner of his eye, Holmes said he saw a schoolboy waiting for his mother who was working at the café. "I took a number of images of him, then she noticed me taking pictures and reached through the bars and kissed him - I was fortunate to capture the exact moment their lips met," said Holmes.
He is particularly attached to this photo because he feels he "earned this shot." Holmes said that "emotionally, it captures a very special moment between mother and son."

Holmes has been taking photographs seriously for 10 years, and although his photography is mostly limited to family and vacation photos these days, he hopes to travel and shoot landscapes again.

-- Daniel Grujic