12th Annual Palo Alto Weekly Photo Contest
Honorable Mention, Youth Award


By Cleo Leung

About Cleo Leung

When Cleo Leung's English project required her to analyze an Emily Dickinson poem and express its meaning through a different medium, the Menlo School junior chose photography.

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"I picked a poem about the innocence of youth and how that changes," Leung said.
Leung juxtaposed photographs of her young cousin with images of her father looking tired.

"I had that one really, really good image of my cousin," Leung said. She cut out her cousin, inverted the image's colors on her computer and played around with it for fun.

"It's one of my lesser known hobbies. I really enjoy taking photographs and playing with them on my computer. But it's something I do for myself and I haven't had much formal training in," Leung said.

-- Grace Rauh