12th Annual Palo Alto Weekly Photo Contest
Second Place, Views Beyond the Peninsula


By Raelyn Jacobson

About Raelyn Jacobson

Raelyn Jacobson had an unusual opportunity recently to combine two of her interests -- contests and photography.
When she was a child, she often played with her father's camera. Upon graduation from Castellana High School, she was given a camera as a graduation present, which she had opportunity to use last year when she took her first photography class.

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"I had a photo project where we had to do a 10 photo series," said Jacobson.
She chose her sister as the subject of her series, and quickly got carried away, taking more pictures than the assignment called for. Her winning photo, Unforeseen, was one of those extra pictures. It depicts her sister posing in her Pitzer College dorm room with a sheet wrapped around her head. The photograph was named Unforeseen because "it just fit the picture; it's just what you can't see of the picture and what they can't see of you and what's outside the frame. It's just everything."

The photo was one of two she entered; the other was digitally altered. Her growing portfolio has given her the opportunity to finally indulge her interest in the photography contests she could not enter in the past due to a lack of material. Jacobson is a sophomore at UCSD currently majoring in computing in the arts and psychology.

--Miriam Boon