12th Annual Palo Alto Weekly Photo Contest
Honorable Mention, Peninsula Images


"Maple, Gazos Creek"
By Bruce Hodge

About Bruce Hodge

Although almost every shot Bruce Hodge takes is of something found in nature, he insists he doesn't want to be labeled a nature photographer.

"I'm really using the forms, shapes and colors I'm finding in nature to create interesting compositions," he said. "It's about using common objects to make something new."

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He took this shot with a Bronica medium-format camera.

The simple leaf was lying on the ground at Gazos Creek, a place one of his friends had long raved about for offering great photo opportunities.

"You sort of get into a Zen-like receptive state," he said of how he knew the leaf was worthy of a shot. "You're open to things you're seeing, and you're receptive to compositions and forms you think are interesting."

But when it comes down to actually shooting, he said, almost all his photos are carefully planned.

"This one took me 10 or 15 minutes to compose," he said.

-- Martin Nobida