12th Annual Palo Alto Weekly Photo Contest
Second Place, Peninsula Images


"Eroded Pier, Low Tide"
By Steve Goldband

About Steve Goldband

When Steve Goldband couldn't get into the sold-out crab festival at Fort Mason in San Francisco, not all was lost. An exposed pier caught his attention and out came his camera.

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"It was near sundown and the tide was very, very low and the light on this pier was extraordinary and it made the pier almost glow."

The worn planks struck Goldband as a "beautiful scene, really." And back in the digital darkroom he dodged and burned -- lightened and darkened specific areas in the photograph.

"It kind of looks like a piano keyboard," Goldband said of the weathered planks.

"The things that I look at are these architectural forms and it's the light that makes a particular one interesting for a picture."