11th Annual Palo Alto Weekly Photo Contest
Honorable Mention, Views Beyond the Peninsula


"Guatemalan Marketplace"
By Emily Yates-Doerr

About Emily Yates-Doerr

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Emily started taking photos when she was 12, then took a photo class in Seattle, and ever since has been "really obsessed with taking pictures."

A graduate student in Latin American studies at Stanford, she was doing research on traditional dress in Guatemala when this marketplace scene jumped out at her.

"I was just hanging around the market all day," she said. "Then I saw a man at the top of the stairs and a woman with her reflection inside the umbrella. So I took five pictures of the scene, and only one of them worked."
Speaking of her progress in photography, Yates-Doerr said, "becoming good is an ongoing process. I think my photos have become more intelligent, more complex, and there's more going on in them."

And she definitely plans to continue pursuing the art.

"I love to take pictures so much that it's not really a choice that I have," she said. "Even I didn't plan to, I still would."

-- Daniel Velton

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