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11th Annual Palo Alto Weekly Photo Contest
First Place, Peninsula People


"Airport Scene"
By J. Lawrence Naiman, M.D.

About J. Lawrence Naiman, M.D.

The Nikon Coolpix 990 that hung around J. Lawrence Naiman's neck was "small and inconspicuous," but still fascinating enough for a young Vietnamese boy in the departure lounge of San Francisco International Airport with its "cool" ability to display images on the "TV screen" immediately after shooting.

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Naiman, who was waiting to board a plane to visit his family in Toronto, was in turn captivated by the image he saw, standing facing the tarmac. Thus "Airport Scene" was born, a visually striking study in contrast between a little boy sitting on the top of the lounge seat, silhouetted against a 747 outside.

"I love the contrast between a small curious boy and this huge airplane, an icon for large impersonal mechanical objects that surround us," he said. "I hope (the photo) conveys that joyful interplay between a small child's playful curiosity and a large somber machine."

Naiman, who went digital two years ago, used Photoshop to develop the picture in color instead of black and white, feeling that "this image benefits from the dark silhouette against a background of shades of blue." The photo was then printed with an Epson 1270 Photo printer.

A retired physician and a native of Toronto who moved to Palo Alto in 1984, his knowledge of photography has mostly come from books and from his involvement with the Palo Alto Camera Club, of which he is now president and Web master.

"Photography is a wonderful tool for exploring the visual magic in the world around us. I'm challenged by ordinary subjects from which I might create something interesting -- to evoke an emotional or reflective response in the viewer."

-- Lulu Wijaya

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