11th Annual Palo Alto Weekly Photo Contest
Honorable Mention, Manipulated Images


"Andrew: Messengers"
By Michael Winokur

About Michael Winokur

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Palo Alto-based freelance photographer Michael Winokur used his background in visual storytelling to create his triptych of a bicycle messenger in San Francisco.

"I asked what they liked and disliked about their jobs. Their answers sent me looking for other images that would complete the story. In Andrew's case he likes wearing a tie because it's unexpected of a bicycle messenger. He hates when pedestrians jaywalk," said Winokur.

The photograph "Andrew: Messenger" is one of a series of five triptychs featuring bike messengers. Additionally, Winokur works with portraiture and style. Recent subjects have ranged from "leaders in industryto bicycle couriers, yoga instructors to fashion models, and nuns to couples in love," he said.

Describing the role of computers in his photography, Winokur said, "In my work I use the computer as part of the process. It's my darkroom, design studio and printing press. I don't like to drastically manipulate any images. But I love that the computer gives me pixel-perfect control of burning, dodging and color correction."

-- Kyla Farrell