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11th Annual Palo Alto Weekly Photo Contest
First Place, Manipulated Images


"Radiant Leaf"
By Diane Kaye

About Diane Kaye

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Diane Kaye, who won the Weekly's Photo Contest in 1996, describes herself as an "almost full-time fine arts photographer." A Palo Alto resident since 1976, she has studied photography with Robert Wilson, Jerry Ulsmann and Ray McSavaney and won awards both nationally and internationally. She has graced the covers of magazines with her work, and has just garnered representation at a gallery in New Mexico.

In her own words... "'Radiant Leaf' was printed as a 'photogram', a form of cameraless art which dates back prior to the invention of the photo negative.

In the dark, I took a cabbage leaf and arranged it directly on light sensitive paper, covering it with a glass to compress it slightly. Then I exposed the paper by turning on a light for about 40 seconds, did a little dodging and burning as you normally would to balance print tonalities, and developed it as an ordinary black and white print. I enjoy using plants because they only partially block the light,
revealing minute detail and luminosity that one doesn't see with the naked eye."

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