10th Annual Palo Alto Weekly Photo Contest
Co-winner, Youth Award

"An attempt to capture time"
By Catherine Pooley

About Catherine Pooley

Thirteen-year-old Catherine Pooley may be the youngest winner of this year's contest, but the artistry of her winning photograph, "An Attempt to Capture Time," belies her age.

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The middle school student has been taking pictures for less than a year, but photography is in her blood. With a cousin, an aunt, and a great-uncle who are photographers, Pooley seems born to shoot.

She began practicing photography in an art class earlier this year. Her winning submission, one of three she entered, was taken for a final project in that class.

"We had to choose a theme," she said. "I chose water. It's one of my favorites because of the way I got the drops coming down."

The photograph, which features her art teacher's hand, shows that for Pooley, photography is more than pointing and shooting.

"I had to put (the camera) on a really fast speed and I focused in on the hand," she said. "It looks really cool because the background is really blurry and the drops are really clear."

Pooley says she isn't sure what she'll do with photography in the future, but is looking ahead. "I'm saving up my money so I can do more. I might take a photography elective next year in high school, and maybe some more art classes."

--Adam Levermore-Rich