10th Annual Palo Alto Weekly Photo Contest
Co-winner, Youth Award

"Energy Crisis"
By Christine Wang

About Christine Wang

Sixteen-year-old Christine Wang first began snapping pictures as a student in a photography class at Gunn High School.

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She was so excited by the craft that she continued her training the following summer and again this year in an advanced class.

Her award-winning photograph, "Energy Crisis," began as an assignment for the advanced class. She tried to incorporate both the simplistic aspects of the candle and creativeness to address current issues. "'Energy Crisis' was taken as an indication of what we would eventually be left with as the rolling blackouts continue," she said.
She hopes people connect to her photos on a personal level, and encourages open interpretation of the meaning behind her art.

Wang says she might pursue a career in photojournalism, a field where she's already gaining experience. Since beginning to work as a photographer for The Oracle, Gunn's student-produced newspaper, she has taken pictures for the paper's sports section as well as for individual profiles. Others have clearly seen the talent she possesses -- the aspiring photographer was recently chosen as The Oracle's photo editor.

-- Adam Levermore-Rich