10th Annual Palo Alto Weekly Photo Contest
Honorable Mention, Views Beyond the Peninsula

"Chateaux Barreaux"
By Diana Bryan

About Diana Bryan

Diana Bryan had a quick explanation as to why she found the interior of a chateaux in Province, France, so eye catching.

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"The light attracted me," she said.

The photograph was taken while she traveled in France with her husband in September 1999. They spent two weeks in Province, located in southern France, and Diana took a wide variety of photographs. None, however, were more striking than her award-winning "Chateaux Barreaux."

Diana not only uses her camera as a form of artistic expression, but also to chronicle the places she sees and people she meets.

"It's a way to record how I feel about places and people," she said.

Diana has pursued photography as a hobby since her childhood, when she used a Brownie camera to record various events. However, she became more serious about the art of photography nearly 10 years ago, and now has a darkroom to develop her own black-and-white shots. In fact, many of Diana's photographs are displayed in her Atherton home.

A native of Denver, the now retired mother of two hopes to someday return to France.

"I'd like to go back," she said, and plans to in the near future.

-- Tyler Hanley