10th Annual Palo Alto Weekly Photo Contest
Third Place, Peninsula People

"In Step"
By Dasja Dolan

About Dasja Dolan

"This photo is about the dreamy side of Palo Alto," said Dolan. "Palo Alto has so many facets. It can be a really busy town, but this is quieter, it has an unreal quality to it. I think this is the most beautiful side of Palo Alto."

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Dolan has extensive experience in the field of visual arts. She is a former graphic artist, currently working as a massage therapist. She also attended art school in Holland. "When I went to art school, I did lots of black-and-white photography. I did studio black and white, but I love doing color. I see the world in color."

She began photographing in art school, but came back to photography full force this past year. "I photographed Palo Alto all over, and I took this photo in April last year at the corner of University Avenue and Bryant. Now it looks different because they put some kind of metal fence over it so you can't see it anymore," she said.

Dolan used an Olympus Acura to take the shot. "It's a tiny point-and-shoot but it takes wonderful pictures," said Dolan. "It's versatile and fast and it has a very strong zoom; Instead of pushing it into someone's face, you can take close-up pictures," she added.

One of the things Dolan most loved about this picture was the diffused light. "At that time of the year there were no leaves on the tree so the light could just hit the wall. The sun wasn't sharp, just diluted light," she said

She hopes to continue working with photography, and graphic design. "Maybe combine illustrations and layout, maybe publishing," she said.

All in all, Dolan has no intention of stopping, "I take pictures almost every day. I remember one day I took 10 rolls! I'll end up in the poor house!" she laughed.

-- Elizabeth Khuri