Lauren Ruth

New York, New York

Special Youth Award

As a 16-year-old sophomore at Palo Alto High School, Lauren Ruth became interested in photography when she took a beginning photography class last year.

Amidst her large collection of local Bay Area shots, Ruth also enjoys taking photos when she travels away from home.

She received the "Special Youth Award" for her picture entitled "New York, New York."

"My dad suggested the title," she says, "and I thought it fit, because the buildings shown are stereotypical of New York City."

When asked why she took this particular picture, she said she "had to--it just jumped out at me. I like the geometry of the buildings."

While her favorite things to photograph are buildings, she also likes taking pictures of junk yards and broken windows.

Although the camera that helped capture this piece of art was borrowed from a friend, Ruth has since purchased her own Nikon FM 10 that allows her to take manual photos by changing things like lighting and shutter speed. These manual features enable her to capture photos that are more personalized. "They feel more like me," she says.

"I like the element of design in photography," she said.

With a true desire to develop her talent as a photographer, Ruth may go on to make a career of it. "I am building a darkroom in the house," she says.

--Patricia Gosalvez