Tullio Rivoli

"Everybody's Friend--Barry Attak"
Third place Peninsula People

Tullio Rivoli found the subject of his third-place winner on Ramona Street, sitting outside of Double Rainbow Cafe people-watching.

"I was looking for him because I knew he would make an interesting photo," Rivoli said of the man in his entry, Palo Alto resident Barry Attak. Rivoli offered to buy Attak coffee in exchange for permission to take his picture, and then snapped the portrait.

What made him think he might have a possible winner was Attak himself-- "his expression, his face, the smile. His face has so much character", Rivoli said.

He named the photo "Everybody's Friend--Barry Attak" because "if you walk downtown, he knows everybody. You can spend all day meeting and greeting people with him," Rivoli said.

Unlike some of the people he was competing against, Rivoli is not a professional photographer. Instead, Rivoli, a Redwood City resident, owns Palo Alto Transmission Service on Emerson Street.

Rivoli has been a serious hobbyist for many years, but only became serious about photography recently. He took his first photography class at Foothill College this past winter quarter and entered his photo in the Weekly's contest after receiving a favorable critique from his classmates.

He now has a darkroom set up at home where he does black-and-white developing and he hopes to soon be able to do color. "I have the whole setup," he said. "You can do better at home than any lab, because you can do what you want" with the image. He has also amassed a sizeable collection of about a half-dozen cameras and lenses. "It's an expensive hobby," he said.

This is Rivoli's first entry into a contest and with success, he intends to try more. "I'm going to have to."

He also intends to keep taking classes at Foothill, as his business allows. "I've been doing photography for a while, but it's (Foothill's program) opened my eyes, the teachers are really good."

--Christina Ziegler-McPherson