Chris Marolf

Casual Violence

Second Place Views Beyond the Peninsula

Chris Marolf's camera lens is not really all that voyeuristic.

"In a way, it looks very violent," he said of his photo of hanging lambs in an Indian butcher shop. "But in a way, it's the violence that's around us everyday. I really think of it as everyday kind of stuff. The posters on the wall are of movies with what's now the average amount of violence and the butcher shop, it's just that."

Marolf's view of the world seems measured, encompassing, leisurely, with an eye for detail, and the completeness of what is pictured. In the Indian town of Leh, he said there were a lot of butcher shops with "much more graphic things." He decided to snap what would end up being a winning shot because it "looked cool."

Marolf has been taking pictures for about 16 years, but took his first class when he won it as an award in the Weekly contest a couple of years ago.

Since then, the 36-year-old, who takes performance measurements for construction projects in the Bay Area, he has been trying to get "more expressive" images.

With "Casual Violence," taking the picture was not the hardest part.

"It took me the longest time to figure out a name," he said. "When I was going to enter it last year, I didnít have a name yet."

Marolf almost didn't enter it this year either. He wasn't sure what reaction would be like with such an intense picture and he was uncertain that it would be to the Weekly's taste. "I was going to submit another one," he said. "And then at the last minute I just figured, 'what the heck'."

--Heather Wax


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