Dotti Cichon

Reflections of Life

Honorable Mention Peninsula Images

The story of Dotti Cichon's photograph "Reflections of Life" actually began last fall. In October 1999, another of Cichon's photographs was judged number one in a photography show. When the judge, a painter herself, later held an open studio, Cichon decided to attend.

Five months later, on a beautiful day in February, the two artists decided to spend a few hours together, wandering around San Francisco in search of inspiration. Passing an alley off of Sixth street, Cichon glimpsed a huge, brightly colored wall mural. Noticing a car nearby, she decided to take a different approach with her photo.

Aiming her camera at the car's mirror-like window, she waited until just the right moment, when a biker crossed in front of the mural to snap her masterpiece. The resulting image masterfully juxtaposes the dark image of the biker against the swirling colors of the mural, all slightly distorted by the reflecting surface.

It's these non-traditional images that Cichon craves. "I'm probably most fascinated with shadows, reflections, and unusual angles of everyday life." In search of these, she dedicates time each week to go out to ordinary places--Stanford Shopping Center, San Francisco side streets, University Avenue in Palo Alto--in order to create something extraordinary.

Cichon has been enthralled by that possibility for a long time now. Her photography career began at the tender age of five. As soon as she took her first picture, she was hooked. Throughout junior high school, high school, and college, she enrolled in every photography class that she could find. Following graduation, she pursued her artistic education through continuing education courses and workshops.

After experimenting with various careers, Cichon came to an important conclusion: "Photography should be my career."

So, she's trying to find a way to earn a living from her passion. With photographs like this, she shouldn't have too much trouble.

--Steven Raphael