Lasting Memories

William John Sullivan
Jan. 6, 1950-Dec. 5, 2021
Palo Alto, CA

Bill passed away peacefully surrounded by his loving family after a fierce battle with cancer.

Bill was born at the original Stanford Hospital location in 1950, now the Stanford Children's hospital.

All those who met Bill will forever remember him as truly a one of a kind dude.

When Bill was born in 1950, no family services existed for special needs people.

Bills Mom (Marion-Mare) and (Dad-Joe) dismissed initial recommendations from well meaning health providers that passing Bill on to homes-facilities that handled the developmentally disabled was best.

Rather than farm Bill out to a facility and walk away Joe and Mare dedicated their lives to caring for Bill.

Mare and Joe then proceeded to have 5 more kids (Bob,Tom,Jim,Eileen and Joan).

Joe and Mare searched the Peninsula region far and wide for a school that focused in caring for special needs children. (No small feat in pre internet times!).

Joe and Mare struck gold when they came upon Peninsula Children's Center(PCC) in Ladera,Ca. Finding PCC allowed Bill to flourish in his younger days.

Joe and Mare moved the Sullivan family from Redwood City to Palo Alto in 1955 to be closer to PCC and a more convenient location for Joe to commute daily to SFO United Airlines maintenance facility.

Throughout his 71 years,Bill rode the city buses and walked every street in Palo Alto many times.

Bill knew the bus schedules like no other person, he could plan a trip for you no matter where or when you were going.

Bills love of baseball brought him great joy, especially when the Atlanta Braves were winning, much to the chagrin of Mare(White Sox) and Joe (SF Giants).

Bills affinity for the Grateful Dead thoroughly rocked his entire life, blasting out St Stephen-The Eleven and Cumberland Blues whenever it hit the airwaves.

His sense of humor knew no bounds and his ability to verbalize in such a unique fashion astounded all those within earshot.

Bill will be forever remembered as our guiding light and the most true and honest man that ever walked the streets of our communities.A gathering to celebrate Mr Bill will occur at Alpine Inn (Rosatti's) in Portola Valley on December 23rd, 2021 12 noon til 2pm.

Please consider making a donation to the wonderful people at Hospice of Santa Cruz.

From Eileen Sullivan
Jan. 2, 2022

I miss you everyday Bill. This last year we got to share was so fun, our walks always followed by a beer, our Sunday Grateful Dead shows and watching that 70’s show of course. The Friday afternoon mid county music was a lot of fun for everyone. Once you met Bill he was your friend

From Eileen Sullivan
Jan. 2, 2022

This last year with Bill is filled with such good memories. Sunday night concerts, lunches at the beach, and of course hours of that 70’s show. He was happiest at the regular barbecues with family at the local parks, talking about them for weeks before and after. I miss my brother everyday. You made me a better person.

From Jim Sullivan
Dec. 24, 2021

Thanks to all who attended Bill's appreciation happening at Rosatti's. Bill was there with us all,smiling and nodding,enjoying those that traveled with him throughout his 71 yrs. Klink-Klink,Raise your glasses in celebration of LeBill.. His memory will warm our hearts the rest of our days. We love you Bill.