Lasting Memories

Riley Frost Griner
1999-Nov. 6, 2021
Mountain View, CA

Submitted by Rebecca Griner

Riley Frost Griner, age 21, of Mountain View, CA passed away on Nov 6th, 2021.

Riley went to Castro Elementary School, Jordan Middle School, Los Altos High School, and San Jose State University as a Computer Science major. Riley struggled in college, and left after his first year. Seeking independence, living on his own, he had a brief career as a butcher, which paid off his debts and worked up his savings as he considered his other career possibilities. Riley was just getting started in life, almost 22. The isolation of his last few years were hard on him. He was hospitalized for a non-covid infection, and then passed away suddenly soon after being released.

We loved his sweet, curious, nature. We remember him rock climbing, backpacking, cooking, dancing, and playing guitar. He loved singing in choir, and reading. He had broad interests in music, history, science, gastronomy, languages, computers, and gaming. When we were looking for Riley we could find him with a book, in a tree, sound asleep.

Riley was the twin brother of Kate Alma Griner, and child of Thomas and Rebecca Griner. He had a large, close-knit, local family. He is also survived by his grandparents; Clark and Kathryn Akatiff, Thomas E. Griner Sr.; his aunts and uncles; Jennifer Gonsalves, Mike A. Akatiff, Robert Griner and Margaret McConnell, Ellen and Paul Coker, Mary Cudahy and Sean Collier, his cousins; Ty Mayer, Finn Mayer, Alex Coker, Gabriel Coker, Brennan McConnell-Griner, Joseph Cudahy, Emma Cudahy, and M. Clayton Cudahy. He was preceded in death by his grandmother Christine Griner, and his beloved cat Meander.

From Michael
Dec. 31, 2021

frosty was an incredible guy. i didnt know him for very long and we werent extremely close but he truly deserved so much more than life was giving him. i’ll most certainly remember him forever and cherish my memories with him. rest easy <3

From Gheda Sahyun
Dec. 27, 2021

I still remember meeting Riley and Kate when they were first born. The memory of Becky placing her wedding band on their tiny wrists has been one I have shared numerous times throughout the years. Riley, Rest In Peace, sweet boy. Watch over your parents and sister. My deepest condolences to all affected by this tragic loss. Love, Gheda (and Feryal)

From Connie
Dec. 9, 2021

I have an indelible memory of visiting Riley and his sister, Kate, in the hospital when they were first born. They were so tiny inside of their incubators, and felt to me so brave and special. Riley and I did not know each other as he grew, but I am not surprised to read from his family and friends that he was indeed special, a bit of a Renaissance person, creative and curious about life. What many people have written is that Riley was kind, and kindness feels like the greatest gift ever to possess and share with others. I send my heartfelt condolences to everyone in Riley's family, and to everyone who loved him.

From Alison Hicks
Dec. 9, 2021

Riley and my son Emre went to kindergarten and grade school together. I can't believe Riley is gone. The last time I saw him was at a summer picnic before they went off to college. I remember Riley looked so tall and buff and was engaged in a long conversation in what sounded to my untrained ears as very good Spanish. I thought then how happy I was to get a peek at the kind of adult he was becoming. Now I'm very sad.

From Jennifer Gonsalves
Dec. 8, 2021

Riley was my nephew. He was a spirited and beautiful soul and I will always miss him dearly. Such a pure and sweet person. We feel a great loss, but we hold you always.

From Sam
Dec. 3, 2021

You were an amazing person. We may have started out rough, but towards the unfortunately recent end, we formed friendship. I have infinite respect for you, and for everything you did. You saw your flaws, and you f------g changed. You were one of the kindest people I've spoken to. You knew what to f------g say, and you knew how to say it. Even when we argued, you didn't hold a grudge. You decided to be the better person and drop it, and I think I learned something from you. Rest in peace big man, love ya. Hope you're finally at ease, you didn't deserve any of this.

From Tyler
Nov. 29, 2021

I didnt know Frosty that well, but what I knew of him was someone who was very kind, he only ever wanted good things from people. I didnt speak to him much but, I regret not getting to know him better. Rest well Frosty, you are, and always have been, loved.

From Jayden
Nov. 28, 2021

He was a friend of mine online. I didnt expect him to die. RIP, Frosty.

From Teresa Stephens
Nov. 22, 2021

Riley sang with our son, Sean Stephens, in SVB Choir for several years. We are so very sorry for your loss. The Stephens Family

From Margaret McConnell
Nov. 15, 2021

Eclipse trip 2017.

From Kathryn Akatiff
Nov. 15, 2021

a few years back, after a Silicon Valley Boys Choir concert.