Lasting Memories

Joan Larimore
Feb. 3, 1941-Aug. 30, 2022
Menlo Park, California

Joan Larimore a fine art painter dies of cancer at 81.

“To find truth one needs both brain and heart” This is a quote from the artist’s commentary on hexagram 61 from the book, Visionary I Ching. Joan used the I Ching for much of her life and did a series of paintings based on the 64 Hexagrams which were used as illustrations for a new book, the Visionary I Ching by Paul O’Brian. Joan’s paintings were indeed the product of her heart and her brain.

Joan Larimore studied art at San Jose State University in California. In 1962, she said; “we have to change the visuals”, and she proceeded to do just that. She was part of the visionary artists movement that included the Grateful Dead and Ken Kesey among others.

She showed her paintings all over California, 1976 saw a show of her works at the San Francisco palace of fine arts. Over the years, Her works were exhibited in various shows up and down the west.

At one point Joan drew a cartoon of herself painting, with the caption “where will it all end”? She has ended, but her work is vibrant and alive.

Joan was born in Oregon and her family moved to Hayward California in 1947. She lived mostly in Northern California and died in Stockton California on August 30, 2022.