Lasting Memories

Edwin Cole Daly
June 14, 1936-May 11, 2015
Palo Alto, California

Edwin Cole Daly died of lung cancer at the Palo Alto Commons on Monday, May 11, 2015.

Born in Pittsburg to Edwin Philip and Gertrude Cole Daly on Sept. 14, 1936, Ed grew up in the small southern Illinois town of Marshall. While still in high school, Ed began writing fiction at the well-known Handy Writers Colony in Marshall, where James Jones was completing "From Here to Eternity."

Ed studied for two years at Kenyon College in Gambier, Ohio, before transferring to Yale University, where he graduated as a senior scholar in 1958. While at Yale, he became the first undergraduate to publish a novel. "Some Must Watch" came out with Scribner's in 1956 to a favorable review in The New York Times. A second novel, "A Legacy of Love," appeared in 1958.

After finishing at Yale, Ed began graduate work in philosophy at Stanford University. He left the program to teach at Menlo School in Menlo Park, California, becoming head of the lower school and then moving up to headmaster in 1975. Ed retired in 1986, living in his beautiful Woodside home with a series of beloved dogs -- Ralph, Chloe and Noah.

In addition to being a lover of all things furry, he was an avid reader. His former students remember him for his sense of humor; his friends enjoyed his kindness and generosity.

Ed is survived by his two former wives, Jane Fowler Wyman, who oversaw his care during the last five years of his life, and Nicki Greene Moffatt. He was preceded in death by his sister Barbara Sheppard of Fredericksburg, Texas.

From Nick Johnston
June 11, 2019

"Sonny" Daly was 5 years older than myself and a neighbor as well. He used to visit my home after school where my mother would also feed him a snack. He would always say, "Mrs Johnston, you are the best cook", after which he would go next door to the Jensen's house where he would also receive a snack after which he would tell her, "Mrs Jensen, you are the best cook". I don't know but suspect he may have visited the rest of the mothers on the block receiving a snack at each and telling each of them, "Mrs ....., you are the best cook" because it worked.

From Dan Wilkinson
June 8, 2015

"Sonny" Daly was 4 years older than I, smart in school, tall, the schools best basketball player and the town's only tennis player. Classy, hip.